Turns out this wasn’t a photobomb at all (2 Photos)

seal add Turns out this wasnt a photobomb at all (2 Photos)

This seal bomb has been blowing up the internets over the past couple weeks. At a glance, it looks like a happy seal sticks his head into the photo of some penguins. Perfectly timed photobomb or perfect use of the crop tool? Turns out it was the latter. Here’s the real image…
seal crop job 1 Turns out this wasnt a photobomb at all (2 Photos)

  • Yanush

    internets, you’ve betrayed me for the last time…

  • stafferty

    I was happy and ignorant before, now I am just upset.

  • Anonymous


    • even steven

      / facepalm

  • Indigo Girl

    i’ll have my revenge, in this life of the next

  • Gil125

    Ladder, I didn’t see no ladder in the picture.

    • stafferty

      It is not ladder, but instead latter. I would have expected this from Bob, but not you John, not you!

  • Hah!

    Ladder = that think you climb up
    Latter = the second item in a list

    Know your words.

    • Anonymous

      How ironic.

      • Jay

        ahhhh i see it too.

  • Anonymous

    Still looks like a bona fide bomb to me.

  • Russia

    its still a photobomb

  • Brandon

    You can never trust those shady ladders, can you?

    • top dog

      You can never trust those pesky seals. Look at that smile on it’s face.

  • John

    fixed the spelling error. Thank you, left-brain word fascist Chivers.

    • Lionhearte

      You still need to change it to “former”, not latter. Unless this was photoshop after all? Which would contradict the title of this post!-twitch-

  • at work

    oh noes…my life is over

  • ArnieKiss

    So it jumped into the photo ? U mean with the whole body ? That’s even more awesome !

  • Verona

    I still think its really cute though. LOL

  • Naked Ape

    It’s still a fake. I can tell by some of the pixels…

  • What the what

    Chive it is not your responsibility to make photos less funny.

  • whatwhatinthebutt

    fuck that… It’s still awesome

  • Anonymous

    still makes me laugh!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • maxcutus

    It was still funny.

  • i hate my JOB

    chive. you rule. i do love the haters tho. I’m sure they all have websites that are (looking up)…the 3rd largest entertainment site in the world.

  • mrr212

    i figured it was shopped when i first saw it. not suprised

  • Nicnac

    1: not a bomb because the photo is of the seal. If it’s a bomb, all the penguins are bombing.
    2: It’s shopped because the seal is SMILING a human smile.
    therefore, whoever made this is still a douche.

  • Sin

    well it is still looked like photo bomb to me…

  • DERP

    DERP still like it!

  • Anonymous

    TRIUMPHANT power slide photo bomb!

  • Delaney

    Why did they crop it? the original is just as good a photobomb. >_<

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