Hot Right Now: The dark hair, light eyed girls are here to kick off your week (50 Photos)
  • Yanush

    internets, you’ve betrayed me for the last time…

  • stafferty

    I was happy and ignorant before, now I am just upset.

  • Anonymous


    • even steven

      / facepalm

  • Indigo Girl

    i’ll have my revenge, in this life of the next

  • Gil125

    Ladder, I didn’t see no ladder in the picture.

    • stafferty

      It is not ladder, but instead latter. I would have expected this from Bob, but not you John, not you!

  • Hah!

    Ladder = that think you climb up
    Latter = the second item in a list

    Know your words.

    • Anonymous

      How ironic.

      • Jay

        ahhhh i see it too.

  • Anonymous

    Still looks like a bona fide bomb to me.

  • Russia

    its still a photobomb

  • Brandon

    You can never trust those shady ladders, can you?

    • top dog

      You can never trust those pesky seals. Look at that smile on it’s face.

  • John

    fixed the spelling error. Thank you, left-brain word fascist Chivers. 🙂

    • Lionhearte

      You still need to change it to “former”, not latter. Unless this was photoshop after all? Which would contradict the title of this post!-twitch-

  • at work

    oh noes…my life is over

  • ArnieKiss

    So it jumped into the photo ? U mean with the whole body ? That’s even more awesome !

  • Verona

    I still think its really cute though. LOL

  • Naked Ape

    It’s still a fake. I can tell by some of the pixels…

  • What the what

    Chive it is not your responsibility to make photos less funny.

  • whatwhatinthebutt

    fuck that… It’s still awesome

  • Anonymous

    still makes me laugh!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • maxcutus

    It was still funny.

  • i hate my JOB

    chive. you rule. i do love the haters tho. I’m sure they all have websites that are (looking up)…the 3rd largest entertainment site in the world.

  • mrr212

    i figured it was shopped when i first saw it. not suprised

  • Nicnac

    1: not a bomb because the photo is of the seal. If it’s a bomb, all the penguins are bombing.
    2: It’s shopped because the seal is SMILING a human smile.
    therefore, whoever made this is still a douche.

  • Sin

    well it is still looked like photo bomb to me…

  • DERP

    DERP still like it!

  • Anonymous

    TRIUMPHANT power slide photo bomb!

  • Delaney

    Why did they crop it? the original is just as good a photobomb. >_<

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