Bodique lingerie by J. Hunkemoller. Well done sir. (18 photos)

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  • Big Bob

    #2, 3 and 5…there is just something about thigh highs…

  • Joe Clyde

    #7 Bellissimo

  • stafferty

    Stands up with a single tear in my eye and salutes (in more than one way)

  • Mustafa_Beer

    I would tip my hat to the designer, but it is covering a rather noticable bulge right now…

  • top dog

    Just goes to show you, put a sexy women in tin suit and somebody will buy it(the tin suit). Some of this look good , real good, but I don’t think this will give Victoria Secret any competition anytime soon, thats for darn sure.

  • Balls Deep


    • confused

      is one of the best things to happen

  • effemel

    Lingerie, I want to go there

  • acash

    some of these girls are just too skinny…

  • BobbyR0

    You gotta love them…

  • Northerner

    Oh. My. Positively lovely. Every one of them…gorgeous. Thank you!

  • cave bear

    I'm not visiting cavemancircus again; the loud video commercial that starts with the site killed it's appeal.

  • Always Last


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