• Robinis

    Something is broken.. Cuz I see only 1 photo…. Maybe I’m broken.. FAIL

  • Anonmouse

    Same here Robinis! I guess the Chive’s quality control department called in sick today. You’d think when they say 25 pics, and this being a photo blog site, that they’d have 25 pics here for us to see.

  • Jay

    Why does The Chive insist on making us to their facebook page. It’s a hassle and it lessens my enthusiasm about the site. I love the funny pictars, but it’s disheartening to click on a link, and find out you have to click on another one for SheChive or Facebook.

    When we click on the link, just take us straight there, please. Except for Facebook, if it’s Facebook, you should put a big warning next to the link so we all know not to bother.


  • Clickawat

    Enough with the F-ing facebook whoring !

    • .

      ^ what he said

  • Chef_Tony

    facebook sucks. this is a photo blog, so post the photos here, ffs

  • Nicnac

    300 million ppl on facebook… can’t wait for it to implode and f up all those ppls lives…

    google, msoft, got nothing on facebook… they know your ssn, your addy, your pet name, your school name, your friends and family…

  • Equalizer

    25 (Photos) – FAILED

  • myyya

    screw facebook

  • jeff in Australia

    What do the people who sponsor your site think about you sending their, hopefully, customers away to another site with other companies ads showing. If it was me I would be a little more than pissed off….
    STOP IT…!

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