• Jerk


    • Anonymous

      Nope, in the history of the internet, you’re like the ten millionth person to say first and you’re just as original as all of them.

  • HimAgain

    Is that a camel toe or an elephant nose?

    • HOR HAY

      that sir is a moose knuckle

    • Anonymous

      idk… looks like a dick to me… lol

  • Mustafa_Beer

    Is that a nose ring, or a valve to deflate her ?

  • Squooshy

    wonder how she wipes

  • MichaelGS

    why did you do it chive? WHY?!

  • Ben Dude

    I’d still bang her, she’s got a cute face, and nice tits.

    • Anonmouse

      Yes…perfect ROCK HARD TITS that have no bounce to them! I want a woman that won’t break my neck with her legs. You can keep her Ben Dude.

    • Angus

      Those are straight pecs. I’m not sure that there is an ounce of boob left in there, just pecs that would make Arnold jealous.

  • top dog

    She got some big ass thighs and tits, and IIiiiiiii like it!!!

  • IceBerg

    I’d hit it

  • annonymous-man

    She’d hit you and you would have no choice in the matter.

  • fakefrank


    • Anonmouse

      Yes, very hot…if you’re into having sex with sweaty, large, muscular, beings. Maybe it’s just me but I like my females to have some femininity to them! I’m straight so I’ll pass on this um…”girl”.

  • s3xt0y


    • Buffet

      She’s a doll!! Gorgeous. What’s her name? You can always tell when the pencilnecks comment – they’re the ones with the disparaging remarks.

      • Anonmouse

        Nope, most guys just like girls to be girly. How crazy of a man to actually want a feminine woman. You want to have sex with the hulk? By all means, feel free. Just hope she doesn’t squeeze too hard and rip your dick off and while you’re admiring her body, keep telling yourself that you’re not secretly into men…

        Ask 100 normal men who they’d consider to be the most beautiful woman in their opinion. It’s safe to say that probably all 100 of them won’t pick a muscle bound, steroid freak like this! They’ll pick a woman that is not too skinny, not fat, and looks nothing at all like this piece of work. There’s a reason companies like Playboy, VIctoria’s Secret, and Maxim don’t feature women like this – she’s way too manly!

        • CunningLinguist

          wow, this is pretty discriminating. like most women, female body builders like this desire to attain a specific look. and first off, steroid use(not accusing of her)is completely missunderstood and misjudged by popular media and the Pharmaceutical industry(war on drugs ring a bell?)watch the documentary bigger stronger faster. im not a supporter of anabolics use, but i dont believe in any shape or form that it is as bad for you as youve been told.

          as for whether or not shes good looking, does it matter? some people thing shes beautiful, some people think shes a man. i bet her halloween costume as the she hulk kicks ass.

          • Anonmouse

            I’m not sure where the rant about steroids comes from? It was just a quick comment about her muscles (which are very impressive for a woman). Of course steroids are used for very good reasons in the medical industry. I’m not putting them on the same level as heroin here.

            As far as calling me discriminating, I was responding to the brilliant statement, made by Buffet, that everyone is a pencil-neck if they don’t agree with him that she’s gorgeous. Most guys, that I know anyway, don’t lust after a woman like this. That doesn’t make them pencil-necks by any means. As I’ve stated a few times here, if you like this woman, then great, have fun and enjoy your life.

  • inspectmyclouseau

    im down for it

  • skeeter

    no place to hold on to for the ride

    • She's nasty

      Don’t worry, she’ll be doing all the holding… as in holding you down while she’s dicking your ass!

  • WasabiLad

    I’d wreck that like an out of control Toyota

    • meow

      @wasabilad yeah then she’ll destroy you like kimbo slice

  • dred

    It’s Britt Miller

  • Anon

    I’m pretty sure she also has a cock ring

  • 1337drewby


  • santana

    but what is she holding with her hands??? An invisible something???

  • Buffet

    I had no idea there were so many insecure, effeminate, limp-wristed, pencilnecks out there? Seems as though you pathetic losers are threatened by a girl with the slightest bit of muscle on her frame. I find the young lady in question infinitely preferable to the vast herds of both obese and anorexic chics I see on daily basis. The answer can only be: It takes a real man to appreciate a REAL woman.

    • ChrisDG74

      It has nothing to do with being a “pencil-neck”, or “limpwristed”.(For the record, I’m 6′ , 200 lbs). Just because I (and about 99.9% of other men don’t find her attractive, we’re all pencil-necks? Really? I fully concur with the person earlier who stated women should not look like men, and men should not look like women. It’s called an OPINION! It just happens to be an opinion that 99.9% of men in the world have. I am sure there is some guy out there who likes her just the way she is(assuming she’s into dudes). To each their own. BTW – We do appreciate REAL women. But, THAT “ain’t no” real woman.

      • ChrisDG74

        Forgot – I also have an 18″ neck. That’s one helluva pencil.

        • Jawbone

          Fags like you go around measuring necks all the time, I'm sure. Go juice up and shut up.

    • Anonmouse

      I like how you (Buffet) use the term “slightest bit of muscle”. Be realistic just for a second. This isn’t a slight bit of muscle. That trainer chick on The Biggest Loser has a slight bit of muscle. If a Photoshop expert put a guy’s head on this body, everyone would comment how the dude is in great shape and must hit the gym pretty hard (especially the leg machines). Face it Buffet, you’re attracted to what nearly everyone else considers to be a man’s body. If that’s what you’re into then go wild and have fun. Just don’t consider yourself to be the norm and don’t bash every other man for liking real women. By “real woman” I mean this – if the “girl” above was walking down the street and any of us saw her from behind, we’d all think she was a guy until we saw her face. When the only thing that lets you know it’s a woman is her face and the hole between her legs there’s a problem. Imagine those legs in thigh-high stockings…nevermind, I think I’m going to be sick now. If this is your example of a real woman and someone you’d go after then great, that leaves the non-manly women for the rest of us.

    • evad

      hey…. man. that's not slightest bit of muscle

  • Northerner

    I’m so in agreement with Anonmouse. And NONONONONONONONO. No freakin’ way. That’s NOT cool or attractive. A woman should be feminine. Not look like The Incredible Hulk. It’s so a waste of a woman. A woman is not supposed to look like a man. Nor a man like a woman. PERIOD. How could you CHIVE? How could SHE? Um…fakefrank, if you did and she “O’d”, with those legs she’d snap you in two in a nanosecond…

  • fakefrank

    come on chive, this one has got guys divided. do a follow up on her with some decent photo’s and well see if they still think you have to be into guys to think she is hot.

    • Big Bob

      Don’t get us wrong fakefrank, if she didn’t spend all her time working out, she’d be really cute. If she lays off the workouts for a few months, she’ll look great! When someone says “sexy woman” what do you think of? Most guys think of a woman in a great dress, high heels, long hair, make up, a slender frame, cleavage, soft skin, etc. No guy I know imagines a girl with muscles to this extent. What she’s achieved is what most guys want to be, in great shape with good shoulders, a good amount of definition in the arms and solid legs. The only thing she’s missing in her quest to look like a man are the six-pack abs and a dick!

  • ToadChode

    I think it’s cute, how her vagina has muscles.

    I would hit that x2000.

  • Soulam

    i concur, i would totally hit that.
    i would assume she’d give a mean hj as well.

    • She's nasty

      The fantasy goes something like this… my hands slowly move up her muscular arms (think to myself “damn I don’t like muscles”) so I move my hands to her neck then slide them down a bit (“gross, huge shoulders, I want to feel something womanly and soft”) so I move my hands down to her belly. Again, slowly my hands move upwards, (“is this a breast? Oh god no, chest muscles! I know, I’ll try her legs”) so I move my hands lower (“Good god, she’s got massive leg muscles!) I’m terrified to slide those panties off for fear of what might pop out at me….(“I feel nauseous”)…

      You can have her, I’ll stick with feminine women.

  • Steve

    Why does that Stall have 2 Doors?

  • joelinsanclemente

    “…my God, Magnum!” – Higgins

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