• WasabiLad

    AnonMouse seems to be afraid of strong women, lol. I’m dating a woman who’s a good 4 or 5 inches taller than me and a black belt… do I care? Actually I’m partial to her being taller than me, I have a think for long legs. Anyway, as for her being able to kick my ass… eh, it’s actually kinda even. I went through a program that you can volunteer for where you get to experience boot camp and she’s studied taekwondo. I have physical strength where she has finess… god is it fun to… actually I’m not sure what I’m rambling about, now I just have an erection and the urge to talk my girlfriend into wrestling naked again.

    • Anonmouse

      No WasabiLad, I just don’t find manly bodies that appealing, call me crazy. A woman that’s in good shape, or even taller than I am…no problem at all. A woman that’s in shape is sexy as hell but one that belongs on Bodybuilder magazine is just gross imo. It’s scary to imagine how this woman would look in a low-cut sexy dress, showing lots of leg and pecs where her breast and cleavage should be…yuk! I love long legs as much as the next guy, but come on, those thighs are anything but sexy (better than fat, cottage cheese thighs I’ll admit). It reminds me of those East German “women” olympic athletes back in the 70’s. They claimed they were women but nobody was really sure. She’s got a cute face, I’ll give her that much credit. She’s also put a LOT of time in lifting weights, good for her. Other than her face and the lack of a dick (maybe) she’s all man.

  • Buffet

    Perhaps (after clicking on the above link), you “worldly” gentlemen can see the difference?

    • She's nasty

      Ok, I clicked on the Hot Girls link at the very top of this article (or is there another link I don’t see here?). Why does that old Sesame Street song go through my head when I see this woman next to all the lingerie and facebook girl posts? “One of these things is not like the other”

      Notice how none of the other women in those “Hot Girls” posts don’t look like this manly woman? Also notice how the Chive guys had to trick everyone by first saying “If you like chicks with nose rings” and hiding her body from the face down so we’d click on it and be surprised?

      So to answer your question – Yes, I see a HUGE difference between this bodybuilder chick and the beautiful women in other posts. You can keep calling everyone pencil necks all you want but you’re the one who’s drooling over this manly creature.

  • BigE

    At last a useful woman, she can spot me when I lift. No seriously, she’s hot, if you can handle her. Guy’s who say no are just afraid or weak.

    • Anonmouse

      How many times does this need to be said? Nobody is afraid or weak just because they don’t find her hot.. The overwhelming majority of guys don’t like masculine women. Just like most women don’t like feminine men. How hard is this to understand? If you do think she’s hot then great! She’s got a very cute face and a nice flat stomach. Other than that, every part of her visible body is very man-like. I guess some men are sexually attracted to muscles on women, just not most of us. Once again, if you’re into that, cool, go wild and enjoy it!

  • WTF is this?

    Any man that think shes hot is gay or at least bi. What kind of man desires the same body type that he has? If you dont agree then you’re keeping your secret very well. Come out of the closet and just admit it.

  • Buffet

    “WTF is this?” – Don’t get so upset little fella. You’re liable to hurt yourself. Perhaps, one day, you’ll be lucky enough to have sex with a woman – IF you find one that’s blind AND drunk? LMAO.

    • WTF is this?

      Actually Mr. sexually confused, I’ve been married for 14 years and I have three kids. What’s your excuse for lusting after a masculine woman? It’s ok to secretly whack-off to the guys in muscle magazines without letting your parents know. Just keep hiding those magazines under your mattress and Mommy won’t find them. You’re probably one of those guys that actually likes the part in P.E. class where all the guys shower together. Let me guess, wrestling is your favorite sport too? All that rolling around with your hands all over sweaty guys gives you a little woody doesn’t it? Perhaps, one day, you’ll feel open enough about your sexuality to just admit to the world that you’re into men and muscles. Until then, keep telling yourself that you’re attracted to femininity. LMAO (people still use LMAO, didn’t know that)

      Seriously though, you find her attractive, even though she’s very masculine. Most guys do not, simple as that. Like the other guy said, most women don’t find feminine men attractive and most guys don’t want masculinity in their women. Whatever floats your boat Buffet, it’s your life.

    • WTF is this?

      It’s also a bit disturbing that you didn’t even try to argue against the “desiring the same body type” statement that I originally made. Your silence on that one truly speaks volumes.

  • djmick V2: All Things Sexy & Cool

    […] Body builder with nose ring trick […]

  • reverendjimmy420

    Top pic makes me think: Totally hot chick…..
    Bottom Pic: Is her dick bigger than mine?

  • Buffet

    WTF is this? Truthfully man, in an age of global economic and environmental crisis, is whether or not someone finds this young lady alluring or not, that big a deal? Whaddaya say you and I agree to disagree and bury the hatchet once and for all?

    • WTF is this?

      Yep, like I said, it’s your like and we all have our own tastes. Take care Buffet.

      • WTF is this?

        Make that “life”… jeez I can’t type.

  • Buffet

    F.Y.I. man – I am one of those guys in the magazines. I guess that’s why I sometimes get overly defensive, to the point of being ‘offensive’ I guess. My apologies once again. I wish you all the best. Take care.

  • slutifer

    id still hit that

  • Jawbone

    I'd fuck her in the ass just to show her that no matter how much muscle she gains, a man can still force his dick into her pooper.

  • TheUndertakerr

    how do you put a bag over her body instead of her face?

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