• luongold


  • HellHathNoFury

    Bwahahaha! it’s the fat person’s fault!

  • stafferty

    Deep Spiritual question:

    If one of them gets eaten by a gator, does that add to the divorce rate?

  • at work


  • chiver

    the dock could not contain the power of the mutton chops

  • ummm

    so nobody noticed the shotty repair?

    • HellHathNoFury

      spelling police/ Shotty? Not shoddy or shitty? /spelling police

  • forge

    True story: Me and a buddy rent a new place together. We’re concerned that the balcony is weak and we tell the landlady. They say “we know about it but it’s going to take some time to get them all fixed and yours is scheduled for next year sometime.” So we throw our housewarming party and have a keg and invite over all our big Irish-American buddies, and put the keg and the Micks out on the balcony, and fwump! Balcony shifts outward two feet. Everybody comes back inside and we get our balcony fixed the following week. Whee!!

    • Robi5150

      So you guinea pigged the keg? I can understand putting your friends out there, but the keg? Be more responsible with the beer next time!

  • SteelPenguin

    Anyone see Hugo Reyes in that shot?

    • habsfanx

      he’s 2 busy talking to dead people and helping jacob

  • Incognito

    You could see one girls thong in the second pic. (she the one hangin on to the railing;)

  • Timebomb

    Incognito, good eye lol

  • Raymond Osbourne

    Is it just me or does the second photo look shopped? Yeah, I think it’s definitely shopped…

  • Meve

    My fav is the blond guy with a black vest and white shirt
    on the 1srt pic he seems on tiptoe to get on the picture and on the 2nd it looks like he’s laughing!!

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