It’s Tuesday, you could use some motivation (20 Photos)

  • Jerk

    hey at least the person attempting to draw the swastika didn’t give up after the first try, or the second.

    first once more.

  • luongold

    #15 Grounds for divorce

    • stafferty

      #14 Grounds for marriage

  • Mustafa_Beer

    Patrick Ewing in #3 ?

    • WildCard

      I wouldn’t recognize Ewing unless he was wearing a suit and sitting on a bench for about 3 years at a time. Maybe that’s young Ewing.


    snoop dogg did jail time too u dumb fucks

    • Squooshy

      not as much time as Martha did – anyway he was acquitted- Martha was not so the point is moot.

      • Nobody

        He wasn’t acquitted when he served six months at Wayside County Jail for trafficking in cocaine. So yeah, the caption is fail. Much like your post.

        • inspectmyclouseau

          @squooshy i was going to tell you to go back to 4chan but, on second inspection touche on your vocab. also, 3 may be one of the funniest faces, situations etc ive ever seen. guess they get down in Africa

      • CatBadger

        Well, Snoop Dogg also did jail time in 2001 for a marijuana charge. He wasn’t acquitted of this offense. The poster is still wrong being that both Martha and Snoop Dogg did time. So no, his point was not moot. Also, saying “your point is moot” at the end of an argument does not actually make you right.

  • Squooshy

    #7 Raptors are attracted to sparkles

  • MichaelGS

    go go raptor ranger!

  • confused

    dont get #1

    • Brandon

      The entire team is white?

      Ah, car carpet. That brings back pleasant childhood memories.

  • HellHathNoFury

    Snoop’s ensemble totally matches, a hint of fun with class.
    Quick, what’s brown and rhymes with ‘Snoop’?
    ….Dr. Dre!
    okay, I’ll go sit in the corner.

    • Aaron Cobb

      lol your awesome

  • Mahony

    Is that JaMarcus Russell in number 16

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  • 1337drewby

    I think 6 is more of a ‘fuck twilight, it’s retarded’ than it is a fail… anybody else?

  • Azarak

    omg car carpet city!!! the only city with 2 hospitals two blocks away!!

  • Sarph

    Ahh, my parents loved me 😀

  • Equalizer

    I don’t think Tali-Tubbie is happy in taking pictures.

    I’ll hit #14 any time

  • no wayman91

    If #14 was a golddigger,it would break my heart. 😦

  • Gleutius Maximus

    Yes, I agree, theose posters at… are truly awesome

  • Marty

    #20 I think they both have.

  • yodawg

    #20 but i bet snoop makes GREAT brownies 😉

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