Chivers, send us a photo of yourself and theCHIVE will caption it Right Now! (50 Photos–CLOSED)

lol turtle Chivers, send us a photo of yourself and theCHIVE will caption it Right Now! (50 Photos  CLOSED)
Ok Chivers, you’re bored at work/school right now so let’s have some fun. Send us your photo right now and Bob and I will caption it. Be creative, guys and gals – just some closeup of your face won’t get you featured on theCHIVE. Send your photos to thechivesubmit [at] gmail [dot] com, or use our handy submit page. Remember, once you send your photos in, you’re at our mercy. We’re doing the captioning here and anything goes. Get cracking, everybody. Do it for your country!

Chive On
John, Leo, n’ Bob

UPDATE: Sorry folks, that’s all for today. Come back next Wednesday for more madness. And thanks for taking crap like a champ.

  • tom

    open for penetration lulz

  • powersticks

    Go US military, kick some insurgent ass!

  • terry

    just sent photo in

    • Brandon

      Glad i didn’t have a picture of myself on my work computer

  • Nathan

    Me too, what have i done

  • Robinis

    will I fail or not… 😀

  • HellHathNoFury

    Mine said it was too big. That’s what…oh nevermind.

    • evilorstupid

      Musta been the boobs.

      • HellHathNoFury

        boobs? Where? I want some!

        • modianos

          you can have mine!! have to take the back pain too tho. not to worry, it comes with a lifetime prescription of lortabs!

  • Theeris

    I have submitted…resistance was futile….

  • Seth

    Worst captions ever?

  • Jeffery2102

    I just sent a lame ass picture of myself… i’m gonna get made fun of now lol.

    • HimAgain

      We can make fun of you just for the comment if you want.

      • Jeffery2102

        sounds good 🙂

  • Paul winston

    i have been shamed

  • imdb sux

    i knew it was a mistake at the time. couldn’t stop myself. hit send

  • Umigame

    im pretty sure 26 is my friend william? I didn’t know that redneck knew how to use a computer.

    • cory

      i’m pre’ sure 33 is ashton kutcher

  • powersticks

    Hello smexy #28!

  • Cholo

    None of the captions are even remotely funny. FAIL

  • i hate my JOB

    yeah, cholo, i can tell you’re a barrel of monkeys.

    ps nobody uses FAIL anymore

    • Umigame

      well cholo is spanish for ghetto ass mexican dude lol

      • Kirk

        thats not true,,in Mexico we call them “nacos” Cholo its a diferent thing ,cholo are those guys who live in L.A. and drive low riders and stuff

  • laurennoss

    I sent a pic and now I’m afraid…D:

  • Srmoska

    #38 the guy has a “paleta payaso” is a chocolate with a clown face on it

    • Pepe Veraz

      True. “Paleta Payaso” = “Clown Lollipop”, very popular amongst latin children. It is in fact made of marshmallow covered with hardened chocolate, and the clown´s eyes are gummy buttons. Actually, after reading the description, seems a little bit creepy, but in fact, Paleta Payaso is quite a good snack.

      • emmm

        Yeah, I’m a 27 year old white chick and I love those things…

  • Eazy E

    @Srmoska…….The Guy “has a——is a? All your base are belong to us?

  • BillyBlaze

    Kelso is a chiver?

    • isawoj

      Where have you been. The Chive has posted a bunch of pictures of his junk he sent in last month. Just do a search for Kelso’s junk.

      • BillyBlaze

        I go on here Monday-Friday and I’ve never seen that. Go Bears!

        • BillyBlaze

          I don’t twitter or facebook so I didn’t know who aplusk was. Thanks for the info. Go Bears.

  • Bella

    In #38, that’s candy that’s sold in Mexico. Shit, I forgot the name of it. But the candy’s mascot is that creepy clown.

    • me

      #38, it is called “Paleta Payaso” (Clown Lollipop) is marshmallow covered in chocolate.

  • Soichiro72

    Hey Chive… in picture 38 that is a candy… It’s called “Paleta Payaso” which kind of means “Clown lolipop” It’s marshmallow covered with chocolate and has gummy eyes and mouth… Kind of delicious actually lol… Chive on’ from Mexico City

    • MOTA


  • willrust

    Look everybody, Brittney Spears is F’in smokin hot again!

    Seriously guys, we could call it the Blue Collar Comedy Tour.

  • Lourens

    I think #28 wants me.

    • P-90

      Yep, wants you to respect the restraining order.

  • HellHathNoFury

    Hey Ashton, can you sing me the Magical Elf song? Pleeaase?

  • Anonymous

    I have an irrational crush on the “I hate whatever today is” guy. I find him indescribably appealing 😀

    • nick

      That’s me…you’re very good for my ego, thanks!

      • nick

        And for some reason it gave me an Adam Sandler avatar…

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