EN-V: future of urban travel?? (20 Photos)

EN-V is short for Electric Networked-Vehicle. It is a two-seat electric vehicle that was designed to alleviate concerns surrounding traffic congestion, parking availability, air quality and affordability for cities of tomorrow.

  • anystranger

    I am the first, I am alfa and omega.
    Also, I do not believe they will actually make those things, as I don’t believe that people will actually want to buy/drive them with that visual design. You could as well just steal a design from some mid 20th century kids book about future, would look just as stupid (probably they even did that)

    • JK

      Its alpha, not alfa dumbass. I think they look pretty cool for overloaded urban areas….Tokyo etc.

      • forge

        He’s the alfalfa and the omegamega.

        • MichaelGS

          being a car post he clearly means he’s the alfa romeo and the vauxhall omega, but felt the need to abreviate

  • Mar

    I find it truly terriyfing that one day our society will end up like this, the painful eriadication of individuality.

    • Joey

      Im sorry but do you even know what you just said? Or did you throw words together that sounded good to you..what does individuality have anthing to do with this?

      • God

        Mar…What kind of car do you drive. Well, many other people have that same car. If these ever become successful, all the major car companies will roll out their own model. You really should think before you speak.

  • garp

    …duckface cars now too, gawdamn epidemic

  • matty

    Do these remind anyone else of the personal transporters from WALL•E?

    • Joey

      Read my mind on that one. So now people who actaully enjoy walking through the city will have to watch their back so they down get hit by one of these stupid things taking up the whole sidewalk…dumb

    • Brandon

      Reminds me of Johnny Cab from Total Recall

  • D'oh

    I don’t hope so, they look like friggin’ electric razors. I wouldn’t want to be found dead in one of those…things, I won’t even call them cars.

  • trav1148

    That might work until you hit a speed bump, pot hole, or bum

  • Beamer

    Those things make the smart cars look like Ferraris! Ew.

  • Mattythegooch

    Meh, I’ll fucking walk.

  • top dog

    Hey, I would drive one.

    • big dog

      Depending on how much it cost of course.

  • ron

    I’d rather we’d keep our air-polluting global warming cars then ride these.

    • big dog


  • stafferty

    Buy this and you won’t get laid in the future either. Who would want to fuck the guy in the mobile popcorn maker?

  • Russia

    dear chive, please implement a system like Fark where if the first person on an article types ‘first’, they get automatically booted to the end of the comments and stay there. Then we can all laugh at them.

  • luongold

    Why do they have 2 seats? Clearly if you have one of these, you have no friends!

    • God

      YEAH! Same goes for all those fucking losers with motorcycles.

  • Billyboy

    What if you rip one in that tiny space?? You’ll kill your passanger!

  • exexec

    Time to start drilling for more oil…

  • big dog

    Yes it’s a ugly little cuss, but if your lady really love you she will ride in anything you drive, As long as you come over to visit and spend a little quality time with her. And if she don’t want to see you because you drive one of these things, NEWS FLASH…….she don’t love you.

  • robin yates

    these horrible little cars will stop road rage overnight !

  • Bob

    60% of Americans (world largest car market) are obese, try making one of these for those.

  • Verona

    How the F*CK are you supposed to be comfortable riding around in a toaster?

  • creamsicle

    couldnt even fit my dick in it

  • Nizati

    These things ain’t meant for anyone who would have or would like a family in the near future, or be the highway… or a dirt road… or road with construction.. or in snow…. or rain… hell, i don’t think it’d be all that good on a windy day! Might as well buy an electric scooter and pop an unbrella on it for a portion of the price. You’ll probably get stared at the same way.

    • LC

      they would be great for running down old people at the shopping mall

  • magnamus

    the gay factor is sooooooooooooo fabulous

  • benj123

    looks like a pod for controlling a bigger robot

  • jstave

    glorified wheelchair

  • Parker

    that's not the car of the future…. it's Steve Urkel's Car!

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