Military chicks, like civilian chicks only awesome (36 Photos)

  • Nick

    not really sure how # 18 made the cut

  • Aaron Cobb

    ew no. 12 has a mustache

  • dumdum


  • Adam

    Gotta love the F2000 in #21, but I will say that the optics on the civilian version kinda kill it for me.

    And I’m sure that the fine ladies are doing an inspection of the weapons in #2, but it really looks like they are clueless and trying to figure out what they are holding.

    • Brandon

      Yeah, it’s a sweet looking gun. Bullpup rifles are always pretty awesome looking. That optic makes it look really goofy though. Chicks + guns = always a good combination.

  • Aaron

    If they all looked like this I’d still be in the navy.

  • Quacodile

    Number 11 is hoooooooooooooooottttttttt

    Number 18 is not, but im not gonna tell her because she would kick my ass if I did.

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  • silitgatel

    #13 is actually an ex – miss Indonesia. n she’s not a police. or military. or a man.

    • jack

      #13 is ex-Miss Indonesia, she’s just being officer for a day (i can imagine how crowded the intersections where she’s posted)

  • spc_huggybear

    sux only 3 or 4 are American.

  • spc_huggybear

    Where are our hot girls @?

  • Lomi

    there’s something with chicks wearing beret caps and sunglasses. 17 ftw

  • Tom

    We should stop pretending. These women are just playing house. 99% of these women couldn’t fight in any real encounter with the enemy. Read about WWII and the pacific campaigns.

  • Stubb

    Number 19 representing Norway, Well done!

    Also, the non-regulation hair in number 29 is from Sweden.

  • top dog

    F2000? I thought it was the SUX2000.

  • Joe Clyde

    #11 Beautiful

    I think we baby women in America too much.

  • Dandy-Dude

    I thought they’d be hotter. Meh. I imagine landmines or IEDs might pretty them up a little.

  • 11-Bravo

    Oh yeah, they’re great eye-candy and all, until you have to work with them.
    Ex: Loading in magazines backwards.

  • terry

    to bad only one of them is an american… wish we had some more in the navy

  • Anonymous

    second to last picture.. really? take that sh*t off

  • ricky

    #5 CANADIAN!!!!! 😉 Chive On!

  • Anonymous

    what the hell is #14 doing in here?

  • PedoBear

    I want number 1.

  • PedoBear

    The girl in pic #1 is a model and her name is Ana Hickmann.

    You’re welcome

  • DrRockso

    Mostly non Americans, hard to find a good looking chick in our military

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