Military chicks, like civilian chicks only awesome (36 Photos)

  • rodness

    yea but do you think they have time to shave their snatch?

    no sir, they don’t.

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  • amit

    look for IDF chicks…
    that classic

  • Biju

    Pic nr.24 is from Romania! Nice chick.Greetings from Romania.

  • Mark Hines
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  • mas_nyos

    number 13 is not a policewoman, she's an actress from Indonesia and one of the contestant for the Miss Universe

  • Mark Dunbar

    # 8 is South African.

  • OhNo

    2 mny azn's : (

  • Manny

    Girls with guns have more fun

  • Mr_Zambu

    #20 is a Pakistani cadet at the monument for founder of Pakistan i.e. M. A. Jinnah aka Quaid – e – Azam.

  • Not a Bagel

    #36 is my favorite

  • ZenJack

    #35 Nice, nice, nice.

  • Andrew Chitay

    something so beatifull and delicate shouldnt be so deadly …its seems wrong

  • Bob H

    #35 I'm already at attention, Ma'am.

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  • Always Last


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