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Your house in infrared (19 Photos)

Heard of infrared thermography? Thermal images allow us to see the heat that is given off of different objects. Black is the coldest temp. while white indicates the hottest temp.

  • Stewie!

    #18 looks like theyre washing blood off their hands

  • Joey

    I was expecting the last one to be in the bedroom…

  • Quacodile

    Triiiiippy, this must be how Amy Winehouse see’s her house.

    • God

      Win for best comment.

  • Rusty

    What’s the cold square on the sandwich?

    • Mustafa_Beer

      Butter on the toast…
      I was waiting for the spot on the mattress shot

  • Brandon

    At first i thought #1 was a pillow and was wondering why its innards were spilling out. Then i realized it was popcorn.

  • garp

    …no infrared farts?

  • kazoo

    this isn’t my house!

    • top dog

      Ohhhhhhh yes it is…through the eyes of the Predator. RUNNNNNNNN!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Big Brother sees all.

  • Fuzzybeard2016

    Who the hell invited a Predator over?

  • Eli

    Anyone else see a face in the 4th one?

  • Rikimaru

    Alien’s face

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  • Shadowtag

    #17. Proving that I can still be as awful as the family members I complain about

  • no wayman91

    Now we can see things just like Predator.

  • Idalee

    Furrealz? That’s marevlously good to know.

  • @wwwsubitoit

    Ohhhhhhh yes it is…through the eyes of the Predator. RUNNNNNNNN!!!!!

    Good !

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