• RandomBystander#6

    I LOLed

  • destructoid

    that was surprisingly hilarious

  • schol dump

    this is a muthefucking wasp

  • Zooks

    ha-ha. 😛

  • hancock

    wasps fukin scare me

  • HardCore Mike

    I often kill ‘lone wasps’. DIE WASP, DIE!

    • HellHathNoFury

      you’re on some kind of list now.

      • yeahsure

        Its the shit list

  • Lionhearte

    Haha, nice one.. Someone check the 4chan boards for sauce. Too scared to go there alone anymore.

  • TETE

    hahahahah that made me lol

  • Metronil


  • top dog

    That was un-surprisingly stupid. If I see a wasp I’am swatting it.

  • Thisisme

    I always seem to be around someone like top dog when a wasp shows up. He starts swatting, I stand the F@#! there, and then I get stung from the pissed off wasp. WTF?

  • LOL

    I’m not scared of no damn wasp…even a whole colony of the little bastards! They can suck my dick. Especially when I have the can of wasp spray that’ll go 20 feet…or a can of gasoline…or a garden hose.

    The rant was funny though. People do tend to suck their panties up their butthole over these little bastards. 😛

  • HellHathNoFury

    They are the bitch stepmother of the bumblebee and honey bee

  • Infra

    most probably 4chan. Haven’t seen it there but most probably someone posted it there and it spread. There are a lot like these. Look up “EXTREME ADVERTISING” on Encyclopedia Dramatica or the more SFW



  • That guy

    One word…


  • Buffet


  • bigdaddydrew

    As a kid I used to kill piles of them with a badminton racquet. They were always about while trying to swim. One day I decided to eradicate them, or at least make think about going elswhere. I racked up so many I piled them next to the pool as a warning to the others. In the pool was best because they get smart and try to divert you and then sneak up behind. So I would sink down like a gator so just my eyes were above…then BAM…dead wasp….. They were a smart and valiant adversary though, I must say.

  • Jory

    Fuck that.. I got attacked by a whole swarm of wasps and was bitten 14 times.. I fuckin hate wasps

  • Shadowtag

    Left out the entire part about wrapping yourself up in a blanket and refuse to so much as use the toilet until you’re sure.

    Could just be me.

  • james

    hello all

  • Always Last


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