Koenigsegg Agera: the iceman of cars (16 Photos)

  • Adde

    Sweeeeeeeet this looks so damn good. By the way FIRST i know guilty pleasure….

  • MichaelGS

    i’d sell body parts for one of these… not mine obviously but i’d still sell ’em

  • madfistswillie

    Gorgeous…Its AMAZING!

  • top dog

    I’d like to see one of them hot hollywood starlet get out this one without exposing their..splindid glory, that would be a sight to see. Love the car by the way.

  • stafferty

    This car is all win but it has to be impossible to drive. The blind spots have to be huge on this fucking thing (#2,6,12). People who buy these are not really concerned with feasability and practicality though, and still are better then me in almost every way.

  • jon

    nice car…then again this is a car that you buy when you have more money than sense

  • P-90

    Lets see what The Stig can do with it.

    • jeff in Australia

      He would eat it without cutlery….!
      Where are you that you know, he who cannot be named..?

  • Equalizer

    Dear Santa, I want a Koenigsegg for Christmas. I promise that I will be good.

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