Let’s pretend we don’t hate Paris Hilton for 1 minute (20 photos)

  • gildo

    I feel bad sayin this, but I’de still hit it.


    • HellRazer86

      So a flat chest, no ass, no class, and a lazy eye are what does for ya? Each to his own I suppose…

      • gildo

        thus “(ashamed)”…

        • top dog

          And money, you forgot the money part. I can’t say that I don’t like her, hell, I don’t even know her, I just know who she is. I think a lot of people don’t like her because she stands to inherit a lot of money, I can’t blame her for that. That would be like saying I hate everybody that at some time will inherit a lot of money. I don’t think she’s sexy, she just got a lot of money.

          • Nato2101

            hasn’t she been taken off the will or disowned or something?
            Besides i think its more the fact sherub in the fact she is rich that pisses off people, and the fact she is famous for ….. i don’t even know what she is famous for.

            • Lionhearte

              I don’t “hate” her, I’ve never met her, but she just comes off as a rich, spoiled, whore, or at least how the media portrays her..

    • Cracker

      Don’t feel bad! I would tap that ass and then some!

    • CunningLinguist

      wait a second…..god da……..nope. still not interested.

  • HellRazer86

    God I hate her so much.

  • bktscrambler

    Still hate her. But I like the last shot.

    • Dave

      Yup, me too. Still hate her. Nice pics though.

  • Matt

    I would wear that pu**y out!

    • Mustafa_Beer

      Matt, I think EVERYONE beat you to it! She’s kinda like a piece of fancy assed artwork. OK to look at, but totally useless. Besides, she’s famous for?

      • Matt

        Good point

  • Nathan

    Nah, just can’t

  • Big Bob

    #13 is the perfect pose. That way I can be behind her and fantasize that she’s someone else. She’s very hit and miss with me. Some times I think she’s very sexy and other times I look at her and wonder “what the hell?”

  • dielon

    ech shes hideous

  • sup

    I don’t hate her,,, actually I’d still like to BONE HER!!!

  • Anonymous

    Yuck. Sometimes I think she’s pretty and then I realize that I’m looking at a picture that I’m sure has been touched up. I think she’s so nasty. It’s her face… YUCK!!

  • doo

    awful, awful shopping of her stomach on most of those pics.

    as we say in England, she’s got a face that wouldn’t tire of slapping.

  • Thisisme

    It’s easier pretending that I’m rich, great looking, and successful than pretending I don’t hate her for a whole minute.

  • top dog

    I gotta admit, some of those pic’s look pretty good. I’d hit it, yes I will. Why? because she’s a woman and she’s opposite. You figure it out.

  • jethro

    not a doable body

    • n1ghtstalker

      I think you may want to review picture 6 and if your answer is still the same then move onto questioning your sexuality!!
      If it wasn’t Paris Hilton but an unknown with an identical body you would say F’k yeah!!!

  • Sir Mix-Alot

    I don’t know why people lie and say the wouldn’t do her, I am sure they have all done way worse…she’s not perfect but totally doable for a night so to those that say ” I wouldn’t just remember that fat chick you did so your friend could get laid…really you wouldn’t do Paris…LIARS!

    • n1ghtstalker

      Close your quote please we have all been waiting for ages to hear the end of the sentence!

      PS. I am no liar.. I would!! Hell for a couple of her millions I will ride around in her handbag like one of those annoying chiwawa dogs!

  • PolarT

    Surprised to see nothing from HHNF on this one.

    • HellHathNoFury

      If you don’t have something nice to say, post as HHNF.
      Seriously, though. I can’t hate her. I don’t know her and she hasn’t done anything horrid to me personally. I can’t bash on her looks, really.Hotter than me by a mile, so that’s just stupid.

  • Woody

    I see they photoshopped out all of the STDs.

  • SreyaNotfilc

    Whatever guys. She’s alright with me. 😀

  • ozzie

    I hate her and everything she stands for. so…i’d rage-fuck her!TAKE THAT BITCH!!!!!!!!!!!

  • confused

    i would

  • Preformed Cone

    I’m sorry to say but I think she has an awesome body. That doesn’t mean I’d like to meet her though.

  • ladyguitarstar

    wonky eye

  • nelson


  • zipperz

    How about some pics from before all the plastic surgery? She actually looked cute back then.

  • Linefire

    Looking at the photoshopped pics it’s deceiving, then you get the untouched ones and remember how good she takes it in a green light

  • terry

    nope still wouldn’t give it to her. i would to worried i was going to catch something

    • Sir Mix-Alot

      Terry I don’t think you actually have to worry about it she won’t F**K you

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