Let’s pretend we don’t hate Paris Hilton for 1 minute (20 photos)

  • creamsicle

    id shoot my load in her shitter then make her blow me

  • mook

    I still don’t get you retards.

    You hate her, so the fuck what, who cares what you like or hate.

    She can buy and sell all of you and looks ten times better any day, so take in account you are some internet blogging retard and she is a billionaire that is hot. Everything else is moot.

    • Nathan

      Relax Pontiac, Relax , jeeez

  • Guypants McGillycutty

    All the guys on here you are saying that they wouldn’t hit it must have caught a case of the gay.
    If she was standing there in front of you…of course you’d hit it…she’s pretty damn hot.

  • George Costanza

    She’s a Two Face!!!!! A Two Face!!!

  • alextc

    it would be so awesome to party with her. Not only would you get all drunk and coked out but you might be in one of her sex tapes lol.

  • jeff in Australia

    I quite like her body.
    Her face isn’t hard to look at.
    She is wealthy.
    She has had her own tv show.
    She has made $millions, being what you have been criticizing her for.
    Some of her comments that I have heard, have been quite witty and funny.
    And, quite rightly, she cares not a bit what any of us thing of her.
    I don’t know her any more or less than any of you but, I certainly don’t dislike her because she is who she is.
    I, like most, if not all of you would swap places with her in a heartbeat.
    So, to all of the people that “hate” her, how about some logical, well thought out reasons why. Oh.. and “because” is not a reason.. Lets leave jealousy out of it too.
    Really cannot wait to read your reasoning..

  • BigE

    I’d tax that azz like the government.

  • hmm....

    nope still hate her!!!!! she has a butter face!!!!

  • lomi

    i don’t hate her. i love her body. still tapping her 100%. id wear rubber though

  • Camel Joe

    i don’t know guys, part of me wants to hit #10 and 11, but i think that’s my dick talking.

  • Aaron Cobb

    How the hell can you hate paris hilton?
    You guys suck. Shes a georgous all american gal. Far better than the ‘european’ skanks that think they are models.

    • Nathan

      Get Off the Crack!!!!

  • P-90

    I saw her in ‘The Hottie and the Nottie’ and thought she looked good in it.

  • DrRockso

    too bad she has herpes, I’d let her fuck me

  • Equalizer

    She is a whore. But I will still hit her.

  • slutifer

    wow, shes really ugly.

    • Sir Mix-Alot

      Like you haven’t done worse…wait I’d better you haven’t done half as good…

  • lolz

    hmmm *taking a roll of tissue and lotion*

  • WTKO


  • joey


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  • mith

    Nope, still hate the usless twat. #20

  • Susan

    It’s hard these days not to worry about enteyrhivg! My oldest granddaughter we’re raising 2 worried about enteyrhivg when she was barely old enough to talk Grandpa you’re going to run out of gas , How are we going to get back home . Things have been easier as the years went on. Still, at 15, she worries more than most adults. As most have said, we turn to prayer, scriptures, and helping her know that we have the situation well in hand because Jesus is with us. It just takes patience and talking her through some rough times.

  • robert melton

    I still think she is hot and would love to do anything she wants.

  • The Joker

    I've got a joke that will blow your tits off… Oh, you've already heard it.

  • http://paris-hilton7.blogspot.com/ Paris fanz

    Nice collection of Paris Hilton…

  • scrum

    Bitch got big feet

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