People flying again, somebody call Hook (17 Photos)

  • Cheet

    Broken bones in 3… 2…. 1….

  • Eirik

    What’s the situation half a second after these pictures are taken? I want to see them, as well.

  • DrOoo

    Yeah lol. Some of them look like stuff a good acrobat might recover from beofre landing but goddamn some of those loook pretty much impossible to avoid breaking something.

  • top dog

    I don’t think #3 is flying, she’s about throw him out the window.
    I like #8, I think thats red panty girl.

  • stafferty

    Pictured: Every John Woo Movie ever made

  • Equalizer

    #12 and #15 are not flying, they’re falling…

  • Jason

    Most of these look like they’re by the same artist; anyone know who?

  • capt. obvious

    Here's a tutorial: 1.) camera on tripod. 2.) shoot model jumping onto padding 3.) shoot scene with no model or padding 4.) edit two shots together

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