Some people were dropped more than others as kids (22 photos)

  • Brandon

    #7 – i'd still hit it

    • Neomi

      What on earth is this? And how can you certainly hit this? you must be desperate Lol! If the idea was to go against the establisment, she had hit it home for sure. It is all about to excite people to talk and attract attention. A new kind of desperate girl revolution…Want more fantastic pics like that check this out too: Some really weird do too and have a really cute time. Thank you TheChive, i love your site.
      Neomi V.

  • luongold

    Make my Funk the P- Funk #6!

    • dennis

      Lets get married

  • Donkey Balls

    FIRST!!!! I AM TEH WIN!!!!111!!111

    • Josh

      Yes, you are #1 Douchebag.

      • CunningLinguist

        your order of fail has arrived, #1. please sign on the dotted shut the fuck up.

  • Mustafa_Beer

    I just saw the WTF filter on my puter had to dump into another file.

  • Ana

    I hope #19 is just Sharpied on.. He looks hilarious.

    • Dave

      I don’t get it, what am I looking at?

      • God

        This is what V in “V for Vendetta” looks like without his mask.

  • MichaelGS

    #16 is the 3rd part of Jedward that no one like to talk about

  • P-90

    #2 She-Man?
    #19 Seriously WTF?

  • HellHathNoFury

    6 is Voldemort living on the back of his head. He needs a purple turban.
    12-ohdeargodsIcanseeit. I can totally. See. It. Boiling Brainbleach, please?
    out of all these, 19 and 9 are the most sickening. why? Because someone is having sex with them. I’ll go build an atom bomb now.

  • confused

    ahhhhh my eyes have been assaulted

  • Nathan

    that He-Man is buff

  • Battleangel

    #3 FTW!!!1!!!

  • SAK

    I’m pretty sure #3 is Oprah Winfrey.

  • masshole

    almost done throwing up…

  • Lionhearte


  • jeff in Australia

    Ahhhhhh…. Australia, where the trains fight back.. And win..!
    The rest are proof that 456er’s really do exist.

  • p.i.

    #7 can be my little kitty.

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  • Anonymous


  • grob

    Can't see a thing wrong with number 7…………

  • Mazabuta

    hmm when I goggled "people who where dropped on there heads as a baby" I got linked to this site lol

  • car


  • deebo24

    #19…Amare Stoudamire?? lol

  • Martin

    I have spent many hours browsing the Chive. #21 scares me more than any photo, ever, deeply scares me.

  • Cohzy

    Thought #8 was Flava Flav for a minute…kind of still do.

  • Always Last


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