• Forrester

    tweeted it….while i fap’d

  • dobble


  • uber guy

    god that’s hot

  • family man

    this is the best photo i’ve seen in a while

  • lastima


  • whistler bay

    end of the day. awesome

  • parsec second

    somebody got to have sex with her

  • standard

    i would have given my left and half my right nut for that POA

  • coem laogelier

    Laser brain!!!

  • Kasper

    Man if I could get a high res picture I would so put it on my wall!!!!

  • Dude

    And the fun thing is that she was high as a kite on acid and downers at that very moment.

  • AtomManhattan

    When they lockdown fourth-dimensional travel, I plan on going back in time and nailing a few hotties throughout history.
    Carrie Fisher circa @82 being on that list.
    (come on, you can't blame a guy for having dreams)

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