This about sums up my entire youth (18 Photos)

  • IceBerg

    this post is fucking amazing

  • habsfanx

    flashback !!!!!!!!!!! i dont want to grow up anymore …… cause in 20 years will be looking back at the ps3,ipod and all the new shit and we are gonna say … THOSE WERE THE DAYS …. p.s U GUYS FORGOT THE SUPER FRIENDS TOYS NOW THATS MY PAST ….. CHIVE ON !!!!

  • Battleangel

    The best thing about Hyper Color tees was coming up behind your friend in recess and leaving big hand prints on her boobs. She then has to walk back into class like that.

  • peter

    chive rules. that is all

  • nelson

    wow, makes me feel old, i still have my mcdonalds glasses with the grimmus, and hamburglar, that i paid 50 cents with a full glass of coke.

  • nelson

    the first pic brings back alot of memories of me being shot up in the air at an angle and always hitting another kid in the head. lol.

  • Joe

    Bought a #18 last year… still works and make my room better.

  • TomorrowByStorm

    What, no POG’S? Game Gear FTW!

  • immalawyer

    # 10 Sonic ftw!!!!!

  • Merrrr

    More or less…

  • altman575

    I still play with all that stuff

  • Anonymous

    holy shit. i think i still have one of those gamegear things(10).

    IT STILL WORKS. i now know what im going to be doing for the rest of the day.

  • Kevin

    omg hyper color shirts, born in 78 and this speaks directly to my past

  • OhNo

    Yes!!! FTW
    i love ball pits, parachute game and everything else.
    =) love

  • doo dah doo doo

    epic win

  • B


    I remember now that I never forgave cinnamon toast crunch for ditching the other two chefs. 😀

    I never had a discman… I only had a walkman. 😡

  • Chevy

    Oh my god…………………Everything reminds me of age 5 to about 13. That is awesome. Thanks Chive. Made my day. Crack is a helluva drug.

  • Anonymous

    lost rear wheels on mine…used it in the snow

  • Dennis

    My brothers and I saved up a small fortune in Kool-Aid points. T-shirts, mugs, pitchers, even the lame fanny packs. Great for holding your Ken Griffy Jr. rookie card. I wonder if I could find our McDees happy meal transformers. Those were always a favorite, along with the original legos.

  • Joey

    Amazing post, btw thinking of old cereals when the hell did they change the cookie crisp mascot to a wolf?? What happened to the burglar dog? Cooooookie crisp!

  • Rusty

    Born in 1977 … every single goddamn one of these hit home for me.

    Thanks for making me feel old, you bastards. 😀

  • RiderFan

    Oh man! I remember picture 1 when I was in elementary school! The MacDonalds transformer toys threw me into a nostalgia loop that I had not seen in years! Hoop-it-up!


    […] This about sums up my entire youth (18 Photos) […]

  • Russty

    Does anyone remember the show Uhoh! from YTV?

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