Top 10 concept cars out today

These cars via the good people at realitypod.

  • confused

    some are nice the others should never have seen the light of day

  • Bennion

    I love to drive #1 just to see how the mechanics of it work.

    #13 is quite practical I think.

  • sup

    Oh Bob, don’t you know bill will not approve of the design of these cars and spew out his expert analysis of their performance flaws?

  • stafferty

    The BMW Gina is pretty sweet. It does need brake lights though

    • drinkinguy

      apparently the fabric skin is translucent and the taillights shine right through.

      • MichaelGS

        2 pics of it dont do it justice though. apparently because its fabric you can move some parts of the frame under neath and change the shape of the car. read that some where, but i could just have been high… who knows

        • stylecrime

          The Gina is awesome, check it out here:

          • KBN

            Maybe awesome when We bought it for a private stutue or… art.
            But I would'nt like pictures with my car, which have a wrinkles (creases). 🙂 Bye.

    • Jay

      The brake lights are under the boot. Since the car has its ass sticking up it will be very visible.

  • Mattythegooch

    My A4 looks like a fucking YUGO now!!!

  • HardCore Mike

    A kit car called a Sterling had a top like #13.

    Overall: WILD STUFF!

  • Matt

    Why do so many concept cars look so stupid?

  • Randol

    Looks to me like all of these cars would get torn to pieces the first speed bump they encounter in their grocery store parking lot.

  • SaintxXxAsh

    It’ll be funny to look back on these cars 30 years from now and realize how stupid they looked.

  • Quacodile

    I’m pretty sure its the Audi RSQ that Will Smith drives in I Robot, yah.

  • Oh hai

    #9 wins!

  • Kim

    some of these aren’t that absured and maybe one day all cars will look like them.
    like 11, 13, and 10 but maybe not so small

  • Bob

    #13, lol, as in Vag-

  • Equalizer

    I Love all of them!!!

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  • Andrew C

    The future's bright with these concepts but I would love to see the price.

  • erratic

    U ALL JELLY cuz you van't come up with such design?

  • ahmad

    فقط BMW

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  • Alfred Schrader

    Very Nice and I'm hard to impress…Alfred-

  • aysha81

    BMW GINA best of awl. . .

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