What ever happened to BBQ and ranch flavored chips? (29 Photos)

  • Nateb123

    Do Americans have All Dressed chips? I remember a guy I went to school with was from Conneticut and never even knew about them. (BTW when he tasted one his eyes opened wide in shock and he said “It’s like an explosion in my mouth!”) It’s amazing the things the States don’t have. Like Ketchup chips or Smarties (well they call those chalky, awful “Rockets” Smarties there, but have no idea there’s something similar to M&Ms with the same name)

  • The Snake

    Is it wrong that i’d actually try most of these haha?

    • misterdonut

      Not wrong at all…I’m drooling just looking at them.

  • dakota

    I wish they would bring ketchup chips to the States. I had them in Thailand delish…

  • MichaelGS

    do pickled onion monster munch count as chips(or crisps depedning on who’s reading this)? the flavour would go well in this post but its just a question of whether they qualify now

    • MichaelGS

      same applies to sscampi and lemon i suppose… but its surprising how these little fish and lemon flavoured cereal based snack go down well with a pint of stella ( i know what/where im spending my eveing now =D)

    • dave

      They are crisps, so they definitely apply. And they are fucking awesome. I miss them.

  • Rusty

    Mac and Cheese sounds great, and so do the Greek-style … just keep me away from the anal part of it …

  • indiecitychris

    Ketchup and paprika chips are fucking delicious. I HIGHLY recommend them. Available in Europe.

  • eri

    despite the very strong smell, the number 7 is so F***ing GOOD!!!!

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