10 most expensive cars on the market

List via realitypod.

  • HHNFFan


  • Joe Clyde

    I don’t care how rich I am. What sense does it make to spend 1 mill on a car.

    • confused

      the car looks awesome and only a limited number are available

    • Big Bob

      Because when you’re that rich, it’s all about what you have and what others don’t. You’ll never see these cars out on the highway being driven anywhere near their potential. Sadly, most of them will never even get more than a few thousand miles on them and will do nothing but sit in their climate-controlled garages all their lives.

  • Joey

    Imagine trying to get a loan for one of these things..haha. Besides it better come stock with some hot chick whose soul purpose is to give me road dome everytime i go for a drive then maybe, nope still too much

  • JOhnny

    You do realize that hardly any of those cars are even made anymore. They stopped makeing the Mclaren F1 like 15 years ago…

    • top dog

      Thats why they are so expensive.

      • Insert Name Here


  • Equalizer

    The only thing that I can have them as my desktop wallpaper

  • joelinsanclemente

    The former CTO of my company used to have a Porsche Carerra GT. He was a bit of an A-hole, and the car didn’t help.

  • Sor

    9 Reventon Roadsters (No top) are in production with a MSRP of €1,200,000.

  • HardCore Mike

    I’ve owned a 6 figure car…. if you are not seriously fucking rich, that car will own you. Def not worth the hassle of driving, parking, fixing, washing, etc etc etc unless you are so rich you don’t give a fuck.

    • ?

      the decimals dont count

      • HellHathNoFury

        Oh, snap!

  • rso

    they look hard to park

  • Jose Biscuits

    Yes, like ultimate best fast cars go zooom vrooom! They are sooo great! ROR!

  • Rockstar

    I’d get the Zonda anytime.its the rarest among these.not to mention zenvo that made only 5 of them cars

  • HellHathNoFury

    I’ll take the Ultimate Aero for $100, Alex.

  • Nateb123

    This list is such fail. It’s clearly relatively new enough to have the Reventon and Veyron but made by someone simply too stupid to realize there’s a ton of cars more expensive than those listed which are still in production.

    Off the top of my head: Ferrari FXX, Mercedes SLR 722 Roadster, Mercedes SLR Stirling Moss, Koenigsegg CCXR, Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport, Reventon Roadster, Pagani Zonda Cinque, Zonda R, Zonda Tricolore Edition, Aston Martin One-77

    Each of these would knock almost everything else off the list.

    • Nateb123

      I’d get an FXX for the track and a One-77 to actually hold on to (since Ferrari basically just lets you rent the FXX).

      Oh and I think I forgot the Maserati MC12 for my little list.

  • P-90

    The Veyron costs Bugatti about five million pounds each to build (I don’t know what that is in dollars) they originally made it just to see if it was technically possible for a road car to go that fast.

  • robin yates

    I really miss my Citroen 2 CV

  • jeff in Australia

    Can I have the money instead please…?

  • youdummy

    I mean they look nice and all but do the have the LATCH system?

  • Patrick

    This list is a fail for multiple reasons: not only are these cars not the most expensive in production, many are actually NOT still in production(The McLaren F1 is from the 90s). To add to the fail, almost all of th prces are incorrect.

  • Vrye Denker

    The Porsche Carrera GT’s engine sounds like two superbikes having sex. Totally effing awesome.

  • arunkumarls

    bugatti veyron looks like great warriors of spartans word their crown over their head.i like to have a taste of the body

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