A to D listers after awesome augmentation (12 photos)

  • Masschine

    When was Heidi Montag or Tila Tequila ever an A-lister. Both were lucky to be on the D list.

    • RDaltry

      Dude, A-list and D-list in this context refer to cup size, not celebrity status. D’oh

  • bobby

    who is #5?

    • Phideauxe

      Tila Tequila. Little whore. Whoever said Christina Aguilera’s are real – please. So fake. Also, wtf happened to Jewel? Holy crap those things are falling off her chest…….

  • forge

    Every last one of them, without exception – before: Blindingly stuporifically cute (okay except SJP, that woman looks like a horse-human hybrid), after: Ugly, ugly, ugly and effing stupid ugly. Especially Tila Tequila, stupid attentionwhore, and Xtina – look at her face in the “before” picture, happy and smiling, and in the “after?” More like “geh, get me out of this life.” Stupid effing idiot Hollywoodian moron women.

  • northerner

    I wholeheartedly agree with and high-five the intelligent guys above who said EVERY ONE of the girls looked WAY better BEFORE the implants. WAY BETTER. Yes, a definite shout out for the natural boobs that The Good Lord gave them! I remember the margarine commercial from years ago…”It’s not nice to fool Mother Nature!”. Nuff said.

  • NTFW

    Where’s Audrina… man she’s wayyy hotter 🙂
    Also Lohan looks awesome…

    the rest, wow – refund lol’

  • Dude

    You guys have no titty experience. Fake tits are better. Especially in the long run. Titties of any size become pancakes when a girl reaches 30. Fake ones stay nice and firm. Little tits are boring. Chive has just chosed bad photos for the after photos.

  • Clickawat

    Tori Spelling has weird boobs.

  • Warble

    I think this article is a perfect example of why fake tits are disgusting. Every one of these women look better before they had implants. With the exception of SJP obviously, she’s just a horrendous looking human being all in all.

  • Jim

    #3 and #11 ……. BIG 'OL FAP Samich!

  • its_forge

    Ugly and stupid, ugly and stupid, Lilo's all real, ugly and stupid, ugly and stupid, ugly and stupid, ugly and stupid, ugly and stupid, ugly and stupid, ugly and stupid, ugly and stupid, REALLY AMAZINGLY ugly and REALLY AMAZINGLY stupid. Then again she was screaming ugly to start with.

  • mith

    #10 still looks like a horse.

  • Kevrobmc

    # how weird do her boobs look now lol

    • Kevrobmc

      lol #6

  • Dirty_Johnny

    Every Single one of them was better before, except that horse face Sarah Jessica Parker, Nothing she could ever do will make that mare attractive.

  • Brent

    Victoira Beckham, Worst Boob Job Ever!!!!

  • Always Last


  • macca

    Love the after shots, fake tits are soooooo HOT,
    Hedi look amazing after!!!!

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