Got a little too creative with the ol’ wedding photos (17 Photos)

  • drainbrain

    ive got a feeling theyre all east european for some reason..

  • Ayu

    I don’t like it..!!

  • kater

    Most, if not all of them, are Russian. Need more explanation?

  • pookie

    are all these russians?

  • kleete

    The saddest thing about this gallery is that someone actually paid for this crap and whats worse it that the couples and the photographer probably think the pictures are awesome.

  • damn

    #6 – Apparently the idea of another man inside his bride’s dress gave him a boner.

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  • ron

    C’mon…. #8 is damn cool, I don’t care WHAT you say.

  • Tq

    these people are clearly nuts…

  • kyoung213

    Number 7 got me rollin!

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  • Michelle Scotti

    Yeah, these are awesome!

  • kay

    these are rather creepy

  • cs

    OMG, I used to work for a photographer who did this shit. The couples loved this stuff and would request it. She was budget photographer and I was starting out and would work with just about anyone to get experience. Thank goodness I moved on to different photographers who don’t do this crap. Ick.

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  • AlieC

    These are absolutely Awful! What were the photographers drinking when they opened their photoshop?

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