I guess this is the cool new thing to do (39 Photos)

It’s called the Laying Down Game. More about it here.

  • dimitri

    number 34 makes me horny, and im still thinking is stupid

  • ayu

    Errr.. What the meaning of this..??

  • jeff in Australia

    I’ve been “cool” a few times in my life…
    Don’t remember much about it though..

  • Dingo

    drunk people all over the world are falling down and staying where they fell

  • Adam

    WTF thats funny. I don’t really get it tho lol

  • steven

    i actually get how this is funny. they are just trying to do things to get attention. i think this is something funny to do with my friends. ill do it mainly to make people wonder like you all are doing on this post. that might just be the reason ppl are doing it.

  • Ken

    I think it is a satire of all the lame photographs of people standing in front of some place that they have traveled to to document the fact that they were in that place. I never did get doing that, “here I am in front of the Eiffel Tower,” etc. It is absurd.

    Lying face down is more pointedly absurd to show how the other is absurd. I’ve never seen this before gut I’m going against the grain on this one and give it a thumbs up. I like it.

    • Jethro

      I think you may have it! By the by #14 on the right. Future lower back problems. FO SHO'!

  • http://www.facebook.com/pstine1 Paige Stine

    This is why you need 8 hours of sleep!!!

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