Let’s kick this week off with some Awesome (19 photos)

  • bowhuntpa

    is #15 still for sale?

  • Equalizer

    #5 – my dream girlfriend
    #7 – my dream harem

  • Bill

    #12. Yep–that’s definitely a nip.

  • P-90

    #5 Typical, get outta the way the poor guy is trying to play a game.
    #13 ‘Infinite loop’ heh!

    • CunningLinguist

      sir, i am in agreement. please put down my controller and step away from the modern warfare before you hurt yourself.

      • Enthusiast

        #5 This is a dream girl? She’s playing Halo 2 and everyone knows the SMG is the lamest gun.

  • tommybhoy

    Pic #12 has everything…..hot girl, beer, hot tub and some nipple showing.
    Cheers chive for making my Monday so much better!

  • Joey

    #12 is a recipe for a great time

  • Matt

    #14 Jagermeister Always a Good Time!

  • dork

    my head is still turned 45 degrees…

  • Aaron Cobb

    number 12 pad has soaked with water and is now weighing her panties down

  • kirts197

    12 : I wanna be where that party is!!

  • NewSolitude

    I wish my girlfriend was like #5. My life would be infinitely times better!

  • k

    does anyone know where that waterslide is? i would like to conquer it

  • McBeastie

    NewSolitude – you mean the fact that she’s real and not inflatable?

  • hillmatt

    I don’t know why people hate Nickleback so much. Don’t get me wrong they are not a good band. Average to below average musicians with very bland vocals and uncreative lyrics. What I don’t understand is how people are able to drum up enough concern to form much of an opinion either way, hell It took me like 20 minutes to pull up enough motivation to write this about Nickleback and for the next two years I’ll barely be able to register their existence.

    • vicdamone505

      Closet Nickleback fan. That took courage soon enough you will get enough to just come out and say you have a man crush on Chad Kroeger

  • Dea9

    Full on half a nipple on #12

  • Filth

    I want that 1968 land cruiser in #3

  • http://themeekrob.wordpress.com themeekrob

    #14, hot chili sauce on the table…wild party.

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  • bastian

    number 12… simply epic

  • Davy

    #14 Weird shirtless guys: jumping off of stairs onto mattresses and endorsing rooster sauce since 1867.

  • jay

    where did #12 go!?!?!

  • kay

    that bike is epic

  • SuperCereal

    #10 If they can handle those monsters, they can handle any Asian penis!

  • Always Last


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