Panda takes revenge on branch that wronged him (Video)

WARNING: Japanese talk shows may cause migraines, strokes, or amnesia. If rectal bleeding occurs, stop watching video immediately.

  • drainbrain

    simpsons did it

  • Equalizer

    Panda’s probably Drunk.

    • Anonymous

      PANDA RAGE !!!!!!!

  • Smarsi

    Panda’s fucking right! Fuck that fucking branch!

  • God

    My dog does this, but it’s not nearly as cute.

  • Jay

    That branch has officially learned it’s lesson.

  • Anonymous

    oh my bloody rectum

  • HellHathNoFury

    It’s not often you can eat your adversaries, but when you do, it’s so satisfying and tastes like pennies.

  • Loki

    i have anal bleeding from LOLing to hard!!!!

  • Irwin109

    I was listening to Born From Pain – Stop At Nothing when watching this, which made it even more fantastic!

  • n0i2

    that panda is me when i wake up.

  • Lenka

    god….i wish someone would translate it for us….

  • .

    the panda is obviously trying to entertain itself since its been locked in a prison its entire life.

  • annoyedagain

    fuck dead space 2 and every ad that comes with it !!!!
    2 min loading for 20 sec ad and F-in 58 sec vid !!!
    fix your system…AAAHHH O_o

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