That’s no ordinary garage (11 Photos)

  • Weezy

    That’d be cool…..

  • nelly02

    but where’s the bar?!

  • tommybhoy

    Is this part of Michael Jacksons neverland?

    • Anonymous

      wow…i was thinking something along the same lines….this guy must be the best pedophile in the world….this is some sick shit….i’m waiting for the movie about this seriel killing pedophile

      • God

        Jaded much? Some people are nostalgic geeks. I used to do almost nothing but play video games, and at one point considered buying some arcade machines.

        • jal

          Sometimes God speaks for all of us…

      • chris

        your kidding right. this wouldnt work for a pedophile. theres not a kid alive today that knows what one of those machines is lol.

  • chiver

    needs more stripper pole

  • joeoby78


  • Equalizer

    I bet they put it besides a school

  • Matt

    its heaven thats what it is

    • jal


  • Mustafa_Beer

    I don’t get it, I mean, why waste a great garage on stuff that should be in the basement? Yes, with the bar and stripper pole. The cars, bikes and quad shoudl be in the gargage.
    If you need a tv and a kegerator, thats cool, too

  • Anonymous

    I was hoping for some old rare cars, not some 80’s tastic shart

  • bubble_rider86

    don’t hate on the 80’s because it produced some of today’s best “shart”…..including me….ftw i would totally spend all day in there beating high scores and entering my ‘dirty word initials”…..heehee

  • vtmadcow

    I been there. Place is cool. Guy is really into old school games. Reminds me of my childhood in the arcades!!!

  • jal

    i luv just playing my ps3 but..sniff…thems the good ol days. Chuckie Cheese was just better back then.

  • Northerner

    I’m with Mustafa_Beer and Anonymouse. A garage is for cars and pickups. I’d rip out all that junk and put in a lift and a paint booth. At least. Something useful. Then put my cars and pickup in the rest of the space. MHO. To each his own. Depends on your perspective.

  • meddows

    Grow up people. This happens to belong to a hard working tech guy & software engineer in VA. Not a pedophile or any of the other trash posted here. Odds are, you’ve seen some of his work. He restores the machines and keeps this as a private collection. A couple of times a year, he opens it up to the public and takes donations for charities. Its called Luna City Arcade, and has a site for more information. Look it up.

  • Landon

    OH HELL YEAH!!!!

  • Fuuu

    How lame can you be?

  • HellHathNoFury

    *heaven shines down upon me*
    Oh. My. God. Nergasm. And you would so make your money back if you let neighborhood kids play there. I’d so be in there showing them the l337ch3@7$
    No, not like Neverland, you fruitcakes. What the eff kind of person has pedophilia as their first thought?

  • jeff in Australia

    He who dies with the most toys wins.

  • Joey

    That would be the best hang out spot if you were a kid or even just a kid at heart. If your first thought was child rape umm…something happen to you that your lookin to talk about?

  • jal

    dang, there are some twisted haters out there. We are talking about VIDEO GAMES right? K, I’m going back to trying to finish bioshock 2…

  • Someguy

    Id rather have it be a real garage.

  • McBeastie aka T2

    …I’m looking for John Conner….

  • Ken

    Oooooh, Joust and Star Castle. Tempest and Asteroids must be in there somewhere. But the row of Pinball machines FTW.

  • C

    Look gearhead NASCAR fans, if it was a garage with a bunch of cars and trucks in it why in the hell would it be on the Chive? Durrrr, put a bar in it, durrrr. What are you slow too? Every redneck on the planet has a “bar” in his garage. And a “fancy” floor for his motorcycle too. This is pretty unique and that’s why it’s here. Go back to your fridge full of Bud Light and act like you had one original thought in your life.

  • Bob

    I thought it was going to be full of plants and bright lights.

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