Eating off the People’s Princess: The dumbest website in the world (20 photos)

There’s actually a website dedicated to eating food off a plate with Princess Diana’s face. It’s called

  • Equalizer

    во первых

  • Dom

    Tasteless of Tasteful?

  • JK

    Everytime I think I’ve seen the strangest fetish ever I am proved wrong.

  • inv8erzim

    come on.. that’s some funny sh*t right there.. tasteless.. fun.nee!

  • Bob


  • Chef_Tony

    “the dumbest website in the world”?
    isn’t going there and copying the pictures here making this site even dumber?

  • big dog

    They are just plates people, no need to get upset. She was well loved the world over, some people may not like that but thats the way it is. Now heres the kicker……she is still loved.

  • lomi

    that’s weird. haha

  • Gonzo1488

    how bored do you have to be?

  • MichaelGS

    if you listen carefully, somewhere in the world a Daily Express reader just wept after reading this post.

  • Eazy E

    I expected them to be clever, it was just food…..disappointed to say the least. lol

    • doo dah doo doo

      indeed, disappointing and repetitive. though i’m not sure how it could be not repetitive.

  • Ken

    That’s just wrong. The plate alone without the food is also wrong.

  • flav

    supported and payed for by the queen herself? it’s very plausible

  • Kimbo

    This made me hungry.

    • Mmmandiii

      Mee toooo!

  • slutifer

    come ooooon, #7 made me LOL really hard 😀

  • etootooo

    activewear $ 35
    Bikini (Ed hardy,polo) $25

  • jane

    Bad bad taste! The best!

  • Da Cuntstabber

    Thou art rrright mistah Chef Tony, dumber indeed…

  • Jon

    This is so dumb… the website is hilarious because of the puns in the captions. Posting just the photo is pointless and doesn't explain the joke

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