New Hennessey Venom GT–cure for cancer…you decide? (6 Photos)

With over 1,200 HP, this bombshell of a supercar has a hefty $600K price-tag.

  • jeff in Australia

    Might not, but if you were driving this beautiful beast, you might forget you had it…

  • etchasketchasaurus

    Well….it’s no Honda Civic EX

  • dirk

    Looks like a Lotus Exige on steroids!

  • Equalizer

    I want one

  • Joey

    No but the money used to make these ridiculous cars probably could…glad we got our priorities in check.

  • Gerk

    It does look like a Lotus Exige on steroids. Unfortunately, the Venom probably turns like a boat…the opposite of a Lotus.

  • Nateb123

    For those who don’t know, the Venom GT is a $600K stretched Exige with an LS9 putting out anywhere between 700hp to 1100 depending on if you go turbo, and how big those turbos are.

    The joke of it all is that the labour, parts, etc that go into this costs about $150K if you didn’t buy it from Hennessey and had some other qualified shop do the work. Plus Hennessey is known around the car modifying world as the guy who over charges people to mod their Dodge Vipers, then outright strips their Vipers and never returns them to customers. Seriously, this guy just takes customers’ hoods, engines,. tranmissions, everything based on whether he needs parts.

  • ?

    ok so its a mix of a königsegg and lotus. i like!

  • OMFG

    someone get me a towel, i just jizzed everywhere.

  • Mr Obvious

    i wish it was a cure for cancer, id pay that

  • Uncle_Scrotor

    Eh, I liked it better when it was the Porsche Spyder.

  • Alex

    Awesome car although i question the ‘new’ part. this car was made in 07. thats what the 57 on the plates tells you…

  • MichaelGS

    its good, but id prefer the Elise to be all roided up and then maimed personally

  • slutifer

    thats a lotus lol

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