Scene girls add nothing to society except tears (24 photos)

  • Wills1215

    They all look the same when you are stairing at their brown eye getting ready to puncture it.

    • Big Bob

      Unless there’s a piercing, tattoo or dyed pubic hair down there too!

  • paulywog

    tears and boners apparently

  • Kim

    #3 is really hot

  • tashi

    there pretty girls but fuck take the shit out of ur face. and fix up ur ugly hair

  • no wayman91

    #23 is the best one!!!! What makes her a scene girl?

  • Jimi Luckum

    Nah, fuck it…….

    Check out the babylons on #16.

    Hell yeah. I’d slap her face with my cock.

  • slutifer

    i see two chicks, one blonde, one brunette

  • neXx

    – all i know is #23 is stunning.

  • Banana Hammock

    they add boners too, not just tears

  • Reneeatzzombies

    A lot of these girls are fake! No haten but get some real scene! Ledamonsterbunny and AmberonFire those are real scene kids!

  • frank

    I dont get it, i just dont get it…

  • lunabell

    #21 has a bald spot just sayin lol

  • Rosalie

    First of all, to all u nasty pervs talking about boners u r disgusting man whores. 2nd of all, #1 looks like me except I have purple and blue streaks.

  • V.Grissom

    OMG! They're not dyed-blond, fake tan, plastic titted bimbos so they're all ugly!

  • Jeffrey L Robinson

    Face piercing in general needs to stopped. On another note, something seems wrong with #20. Not quite sure what though.

  • George

    Why is this gallery filled with pictures of Nikki Sixx?

  • dollybakerton

    #11 WTF is with the colours?

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