The future of (Coke) bottles is kinda interesting and obvious (7 photos)

  • Weezy

    I thin they're on the right track. BTW this got me to thinking, in most of the Coke commercials they use a glass bottle, which to the best of my knowledge aren't sold in many places. What's up with that?

    • Nicnac

      you can get coke glasses several times a year at different fast food chains as promotions…

    • Anonymous

      Glass bottles are still very popular in a lot of European countries.

    • doug

      allways heard its suppose to be liter to ship in plastic but i dont know really

    • doug

      allways heard its suppose to be lighter to ship in plastic but i dont know really

    • Russty

      You can buy them at any grocery store in Alberta Canada, and iv never found a place in Canada that doesnt have them. its cheaper to buy the platic though, glass ones are not cheap!

  • Equalizer

    Cool design, how about Coke in-cans?

  • NTFW

    I like the collapsible concept.. but i think the overall design/form could be a little better.
    almost like square watermellons but not as cool…


  • confused

    Dey look nice and maybe i shud think bout keepin some of the old design’s for nostalgic purposes

  • Orpheon

    It’s only Coke bottles but it’s a great idea. Now if only more people and companies start thinking like this as well…

  • top dog

    Not a fan of sodas, I think a lot of water.

  • Mu$£


  • Chris

    I don’t usually buy Coke in smaller bottles, but I think this is an awesome idea. Stackable, recyclable, and it looks nice and minimalistic.

  • leonardob

    It won’t be as nice out of it

  • anonymous coward

    leonardob says whut?

  • huh

    How about smaller bottles? No one needs a 16oz or larger bottle unless you are dead set on becoming a fat ass.

    • Russty

      Really? i enjoy a large glass now and again and i just did a 125km Ultra marathon in August.

  • Matt

    actually looks pretty cool.

  • stream27

    Good idea, as long as they don’t leak : /

  • Mahony

    Its amazing how simple this design is and yet how long its taken for someone to think it up

  • looch

    Sadly – this is a design student’s project, it would of been a great idea though if Coca-Cola actually took it on!

  • bohous

    These will never happen because all the current store coolers and vending machines are designed for round bottles. It would be too cost prohibitive to retrofit to accommodate the square format.

  • God

    I can read, so when I see pictures with words, typically I’d like to read them. LARGER IMAGES FFS.

  • sc0ob5

    Won’t play nice with my cup holder..

  • slutifer

    glass bottles all the way

  • reverie

    great so now i have to get SQUARE cupholders for my car.

    • Russty

      They will likely fit inside, as its a smaller designe. 🙂

  • cherry cocaine

    aluminum is collapsible as well.

  • james altizer

    Why dont we go back to reusable glass? It tastes better and with all this techonology they are wasting on plastic jugs, they could solve any question of contamination.

  • Solostarian

    I can get behind this idea.

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