10 animated gifs to get you through the day

  • gamera

    #10 I feel sorry for the girl; I hope someone helped her. If it was my sister or my daughter I would hope that someone helped.

  • Joey

    #11…LIKE A BOSS!

  • ant

    #10 fat bitches should not be doing ballet lmao

  • http://www.godbabyclub.com/the-goodbaby-boy-walker-xb109e-j231bg-j232ry.html baby walkers

    The targeted use of these devices is to teach a child to walk faster, although some of the pediatricians do not comment on this subject as they think this is not true and walking is a adaptive process which is completed with the increasing age of the child and they also state that this is false publicity spread by the producers of these devices to boost their sales.

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