Bugatti Veyron Grand is breathtaking (23 Photos)

The Bugatti Veyron Grand is the world’s most expensive convertible costing a whopping $2,100,000.

  • Mustafa_Beer

    $2.1 mill… that could buy alot of sleazy women and alcohol.

    • ?

      with a car like that sleazy women will buy u booze. its an investment 😀

  • Equalizer

    I want one for Christmas

  • aasen

    a true european sports car. american shit doesn’t even come close.

    • Hans

      Another overpriced Eurotrash POS. I’ll take the AMERICAN made SSC Ultimate Aero manufactured by Shelby for less than half the price. I guess them Europeans haven’t figured out the art of efficient manufacturing to keep costs down. More expensive doesn’t mean better. Hans out!

      • Nateb123

        They’re both crap cars. The Bugatti and SCC are cars for highways not real roads. If you want straight line speed, get a bike. An R6 will out drag a Ferrari F430 no prob. If you want a real car that takes real driving get an Ascari A10. No traction control, no radio, sequential box and no Caterham nerd factor. If you want a bit more luxury, get an Ascari KZ1 but not this crap.

  • tommybhoy

    God bless those crazy bastard engineers @ VW !!

  • Nagrom

    And I thought the original Veyron was a stunning masterpiece.

    I think I just came :o)

  • Jay

    I have two of these. They aren’t that great..

  • effemel

    MEH someone with the time, knowledge and effort can take a Toyota Supra and turn it into something that would give the Veyron a run for the money, for probably 1/4 the cost

    • Nateb123

      A lot of cars could be given the same power but they would need far more than 1001HP to reach the same speed because of the lack of active aero. Plus it would be nuts without 4WD or a proper chassis like the McLaren F1 had. Not an impressive car overall though. Styled with too much bling for Dubai residents and not enough class. It’s the LV bag of cars…

  • gigi

    the most expensive convertible in the world and when it rains you can use you umbrella, included in the price, or was the convertible veyron? same sh!t

  • Mikeado

    Pics 18 and 22 are of the normal Veyron, not the Grand Sport, which comes with a big rectangular UMBRELLA for when it’s raining and you’ve left your mostly-glass hardtop in the quilted, diamond-studded, colour-matched garage.

    In 2005 it was the performance king, and is an all-time milestone for having 1000hp and topping 250mph. Only low-budget ragamuffins have since beaten it, and only in a straight line. Those cars (like the SSC Whatchamacallit) don’t come close anywhere else other than in a straight line. I’d pay £1 million for that.

  • sander

    bugatti veyron… my number 1 car since the first time i saw it… my life will only be complete when i have one… most likely never =)

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