Daily Afternoon Randomness (24 Photos)

  • HellHathNoFury

    1-okaaay, Sean Connery and what’s so funny…bwahahahaha!!
    We need face and name of #2 MILF, stat!
    Stephen Hawking FTW!!!!!

    • HellHathNoFury

      I otter stop commenting.

      • top dog

        No, don’t stop…please.

      • HHNFFan

        Don’t stop! I’ll have nothing to look forward to.
        Ps. Is that you in 7????

        • HellHathNoFury

          Ew. No.

  • confused

    okay theChive seems to be losing its edge

    • CunningLinguist

      i agree. most of these werent that great. the comparison of america and europe, i have to ask you, how many of you are in europe? i am, and i have this to say, its not america, and its not europe. its fucking humanity, but then again, its the internet, so, ignorance is dominant. you know scientist actually thought stupid people would one day be bread out of existance? holy fuck were they wrong.

      • jeff in Australia

        Did you mean baked out of existence..?
        I agree with some of what you type…
        But personally, I would not call all members of a club, a bunch of morons when I am a member of
        that club…

        • Yo dogg

          A person is smart; people are stupid…..

          • steve

            Men in Black FTW

      • SirDerpalot

        Bread out of existance? Spelling error or suggestion for soylent green wonderbread?

  • top dog

    Who is that suppose to be in #2, Baby Bond and Money Penny?

    • HellHathNoFury

      It’s obviously Pussy Galore, since she’s had the Midas touch by…Goldfinger.

  • Equalizer

    #19 mushroom pizza?

  • chiver

    #2 has huge feet

    • Mr.Doom

      #2 is already more successful with the ladys than some chivers

  • TheGuy

    I’m not sure if 18 is of the epic droop boob or the uninterested ginger.

    • isawoj

      Look at the expression of the guy in the dark blue shirt. He’s staring at the guy who got blasted by the bat with a smirk on his face. I can imagine him thinking, “serves you right douche. Try watching the game.”

  • Anonymous

    I want a lawn chair 😦

  • gonzomania

    #18, why focus on that wretch’s boob, the cool thing is that guy getting that bat in the lips.

  • gonzomania

    #23 FAIL, Obama is left handed.

    • Nateb123

      FAIL that you know that and give a shit.

      • Clint Eastwood

        aha destroyed

  • Roscoe

    #4 – Global Warming?

  • sfmountainbiker

    If you see someone drowning, lol FTW!!!

  • Beth

    #17…. why the fuck would you put Geroge W. Bush on there? You made us look even more stupid than they already think we are by adding that retard to the pictures..

    • Wendy

      Judging by the theme of it, I think they’re putting America’s Bush to Europe’s Hitler, kind of like earlier when they put the fat and ugly in American to the fat and ugly in Europe.

      • sock puppet

        Hey Einstein, maybe you should go back and read your American history. It was Roosevelt who killed several men, women, and children. That is exactly what he should have done too in order to save about a 250,000 servicemen from having to go to every little island. He is also the president who did his best to turn this country into a socialist state. Fortunately, Zero won’t have his Congress in tact much longer to finish the job. Speaking of Einstein, he defected to America so you can’t really put him on the Europe side.

        To compare any president with Hitler automatically puts you in the ‘idiot’ column. Not liking a person’s politics makes you sound like a moron when you start equating any of them with a genocidal maniac.

        • Wendy

          I sure hope you’re not aiming that at me. I don’t recall giving an opinion or giving a shit. But nice lecture anyway; people always enjoy history lessons–it’s a gas at parties.

          • HellHathNoFury

            A wild Wendy approaches. She uses Common sense attack. it’s super effective!!

            • Anonymous

              Holy crap, I just got that reference. HHNF, you must be mine.

          • z28js

            Bob Dylan.. was born in Minnesota.

  • smallpox

    #20 NOM NOM NOM

    • Landon

      damnit, smallpox beat me to it!
      #19: thats why you use a cookie sheet, moron!!!
      #23: looks like hes droppin a duece!

  • madfistswillie


  • jeff in Australia

    I’m very surprised at the lack of outrage on #17..!
    Pleased, but surprised, maybe it was read and thought about….?

  • Dooblie

    @#17 I’m sure the photo author is thinking Germany is Europe and America has more that 300 years history… wake up and smell more than the coffee, I cant be the only one thats will agree that the image is a poor representation of both continent/countries. SHAME ON YOU! were not all Hitler!

    • huh

      If you actually LOOK at the image, you’ll see that it shows good AND bad aspects of both Europe and the USA. But, I guess it’s easier to jump past that, miss the entire point of the picture, and instead start yelling ‘OMG IT SAID BAD THINGS ABOUT EUROPE’.

      • forge

        Meh, Germans are understandably sensitive about people bringing up Hitler.

  • Busch Man

    #13 Is a LIE! You cannot get THAT drunk off of Busch Lite, it’s impossible. It tastes like tainted sewer-water. You want the Busch can with the gold top, not the silver. Silver= waste of money, gold=AWESOME drunken time+possible DUI. Busch Beer FTW!!!

  • eeds

    14 is the man

  • tiger woulds

    Bob Dylan is an American? Angry euro-trash people need to stick to porn sites instead of creating witty posters.

    • Dunmer Gunman

      Do you realise how much you just failed?
      Just in case you don’t…

  • jeff in Australia

    I always thought he was from Tasmania.

  • forge


  • HellHathNoFury


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