Fake Perez Hilton website fakes the death of Sarah Jessica Parker as a prank

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a perezhilton fake jessica parker 0 Fake Perez Hilton website fakes the death of Sarah Jessica Parker as a prank
We’re not usually in the business of celebrity gossip, because, well, it sucks. But we have to give credit where credit is due and give a standing ovation to whoever made an exact replica copy of perezhilton.com and then proceeded to announce that Sarah Jessica Parker had died in a car accident. Although this would have been tragic, as anyone’s death is, (not just b/c you’re a big-nosed celebrity) it’s actually pretty funny to see the tabloids blowing up right now with the false news. Plus we just love a good hoax over here at theCHIVE. If you look closely, the website announcing this “tragic news” is perezhiltononline.com, not perezhilton.com. Scroll down to see the full story and click-through to perezhiltononline.com to take a tour of the fake site yourself and pass it on to anyone of your friends who is a Sex in the City fan for April Fool’s Day!
perezhilton fake jessica parker 1 Fake Perez Hilton website fakes the death of Sarah Jessica Parker as a prank
perezhilton fake jessica parker 2 Fake Perez Hilton website fakes the death of Sarah Jessica Parker as a prank

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  • Bob

    April Fools came early this year….be on your guard people

    • mook

      Really? Did it come in March? Retard.

  • Nick4444

    Pwned. Hehehe

  • LOL

    LOL@the comment in there “I heard that her face stopped traffic but she didn’t”…that’s sick & wrong…lol…I like it.

  • Misinformation

    Hey there. I was the one who did it. Feel free to pass it around. It’s been fun. I’ll change the date to April 1 very soon so you can take advantage tomorrow.

    You have no idea how many times someone either has said or written how they confirmed with “2 or 3” different sources. Ah…the power of misinformation.

  • TheGuy

    south park did it.

  • HellHathNoFury

    Oh, so that’s what was up with the fireworks and general feelings of happiness on Earth today.

    • HHNFFan

      Great answer! I agree!

  • Zooks

    I have a feeling this is gonna stir shit up, resulting in extra SJP and Perez coverage that nobody needs.

  • Sweet Jimmy

    Typically, I wouldn’t care about this either way, but another part of the prank was saying that her 7 year old son was killed too. I’m sorry, but that’s a little fucked up. They could have pulled this prank without throwing in that bit.

    • ruggermlt

      Now now, it was only a Prank – There’s no sense in beating a dead horse! oh yes, I went there

  • tiger woulds

    this perez dude is real?

  • gonzomania

    LOL, wish it was true Sarah Jessica Parker is a scumbag in real life. Why does this Perez Hilton have so much fame? He’s a joke

  • mg

    Transvestite Donkey Witch!!

  • Equalizer

    Perez Hilton is a FAG

  • First Every Time, No Matter What


  • Nicnac

    funnier if it said Perez Hilton died….

  • Puke on Perez

    Perez Hilton is a totally tasteless asshole.

  • Benny

    Sweet Jimmy – why couldn't you have really died and not the 7-year old?

  • yoyomin

    this was stupid..

  • sadf

    LOL i thought they meant the horse was sarah ROFL

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