Painted body/faces that even a clown would run from (49 Photos)

This art comes via ‘hawhawjames‘. He’s paining a face a day for a year.

  • krisb


  • krisb

    #38 is Mrs.Slocombe!

  • Equalizer

    We want HOT Chicks! Not this…

    • ?


      • CunningLinguist

        i scrolled to the bottom and then said alloud, “GOD DAMNIT!” really fucking loud, and then i was like ‘oh fuck, im at work….’

  • Mad

    really really cool! thanks!

  • Ken

    Quite a variety. Pretty creative artist.

  • Zooks

    holy shit someone grab a baseball bat

  • Verona

    that guy is crafty. and a little awesome too

  • shmoopy

    this is pure awesome

  • g-licious


  • Terrifying Face Paintings - World Oddities

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  • Irwin109

    It’d be funny if he didn’t dress up on Halloween

  • Espen

    #33 FTW

  • Captain Starfish

    wish i could get him to paint my face every Halloween

  • Mike

    All of these are terrifying, but how is it that they are able to make Big Bird and Superman to be as horrifying as a horror sandwich topped with sadness?

  • Rikki

    all the same dude… forever alone.

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