Daily Afternoon Randomness (28 Photos)

  • fluffyhairded

    #19…ive seen those pics before, and theyre not sneezing. it was called "O Faces" or something like that, women sent in pics of themselves having orgasms. so yes, its as dirty as it seems.

    • Underhill

      ''I Shot Myself'' possibly and there is nothing dirty about it.

  • chiver


    • Anonymous

      #’s 1 and 4 of Picture 19 are talented, apparently they can sneeze with their eyes open

      • Matt

        we all know what is really happening. I mean who takes a picture of a woman sneezing while they lay on a bed lol. However if they really are sneezing 1 and 4 would still be okay, b/c they are about to sneeze, but not yet sneezing. Which you can have your eyes open for.

        • Burger Batok

          After eat burger indonesia …

    • Fuzzybeard2016

      All of the pics from #10 are from beautifulagony.com (NSFW).

  • pinsl


  • confused

    what number am i?

  • at work

    those women are not sneezing

    • confused

      are you actually disagreeing with Dr.Phil?

      • forge

        “Dr.” Phil (who does not have a degree in anything btw) is a f*cking douchebag.

        • Robi5150

          My guess was they were all getting a brazillian!

          • HellHathNoFury

            you must be 5150 if you’d think something so heinous. *shudder*

  • acash

    release the Kraken!

    • Samuel L Jackson

      …on her face

  • LOL

    6, 7, 10,12 &16 are good.

    19…they are not sneezing…I’ve sneezed…it doesn’t look like that…

    24…why would someone put a cell phone up their ass? All I can think of is “Can you hear me NOW ASSHOLE? But that’s not even a plausible reason…:P

    • gonzomania

      Homos like to stick phones on vibrate mode in their ass.

    • Ken

      You sneeze with your eyes open looking into a mirror? 15 of those twenty women in the photos had their eyes closed.

      Did anybody else guess that they were sneezing? Orgasm was just too obvious so sneeze was my next guess (having a foot cramp was my second and having a leg amputated without anesthesia was my third).

      • HellHathNoFury

        I thought it was their reaction to the ‘girls in thongs’ post.

  • Dom

    Tank catapult made my day. Because FUCK YOU!!!

  • tiger woulds

    How does David Axlerod know those chicks are going to sneeze? Oh, the health care bill, my bad.

  • Equalizer

    #4 – Realistic funny
    #11 – Bangcock – Somewhat Funny
    #12 – painfully funny
    #15 – Chinese making funny product
    #16 – Desperately funny
    #20 – WTF is that?
    #25 – Rare Beluga whale – not funny

    • confused

      analyzers = dicks

  • burned

    dicks = assholes

  • steven

    assholes = backpussy

    • me

      backpussy = confused

      • HellHathNoFury


        • Wunderstamp


          • HellHathNoFury


  • PedoBear

    Go to hell Dr. Phil I’ll think what I want to think.

  • John Cocktolstoy


    • HellHathNoFury


  • Nicnac

    #6 is a fish-cat… unless you happen to read right to left.

  • JK


  • LadyBodom

    17 is sad cuz it seems like he is handicapped or something. but the rest are awesome

  • Nicnac

    (if you thought those women were sneezing, you need help)

  • Nateb123

    If you thought those women were sneezing, I have bad news for you.

    Seriously, how am I the first one to say this??

    • Dunmer Gunman

      Please see the post directly above your own, it relates to some of the things you just mentioned.


  • d

    what is circled in #2?

    • forge

      The ketchup bottle he just used to decorate his wrist.

      Also: Down the river, not across the street. Durr. = )

  • Anonymous

    every-single-time i go to the beach Cthulhu has 2 show up and ruin my day!

    • HellHathNoFury

      i’m Kraaken up.

  • forge

    #8 is called F*CKING MOVE ALREADY

    #21 is that Kamchatka? It’s like, the furthest place from anywhere on Earth, I swear.

    • Hawk

      It’s actually in Iceland. Recent volcanic eruption in the south of the country. Some rich douchebag had some chefs helicopter in and make lunch for him and his wife.

  • forge

    #19 I like that first look best ‘cuz it’s like holy frick what the hell are you doing to me???!

  • cavemanlawyer

    So THAT’S where I left my cell phone!

  • AliDimayev

    #20 is just seaweed in the water, innit?

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