• george


  • quetzalcoyote

    I am such a pervert

    • bumble

      You say that like it's a bad thing

      • Tomx569

        It used to be, now with the internet it's more like a compliment.

  • Robi5150

    #46 looks shopped!

    • evillive


  • Francis

    Dear Chive,

    I hate you. but lol

  • pork sausage


  • timmay

    was scrolling so fast smoke was coming off my mouse

  • at work

    w/e….that pic was awesome

  • Nathan

    not nice, not nice at all…

  • EuHHH

    Well played, Chive. Well played.

  • burned

    got me good u fuckers

  • mattyclout

    Wow! Did not see that coming. Especially today of all days!

    • mattyclout

      damn, they removed my fake sarcasm html tags. Really took the fun out of it

  • Equalizer

    Pic# 19 is Funny

  • Mtn. Dude

    I kept clicking over and over and over thinking that perhaps the link had been compromised before it finally dawned on me…..sigh….I hate April 1.

  • Jeff

    Stop it with the april fools…not funny any more

  • Danny

    thats fine. that one picture alone is enough for the fappin’.

  • Papi

    I like ·7,9, 12. And 17 its a little explicit for my taste

  • top dog

    You guys planning on keeping this up all day? Tell me now so I can wait until tomorrow before I post again.

  • markkens

    April side-boobage.

  • NotCleverEnoughForARealUsername

    Whiskey Tango Foxtrot. If you guys beg hard enough I’ll send in some naked twister pics lol.

  • Avery

    I dunno, that picture’s kind of worth it… love the side boobage.

  • confused

    Well played, love that image

  • Alex


  • Nicnac

    i actually hit ‘page down’ 5 or 6 times really quick… so NYAH!

  • naked twister loser theCHIVE

    […] via […]

  • kirts197

    still funny even though u guys did it the whole day…..well done

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