• damn you

    it wasn't funny but it was…

    you fuckers.

  • Pat

    I see what you did there…!

  • Loyal

    Well done Sir, well done.

  • Honnus

    The trick is not to focus on the picture and then the 3-D image of the naked twister (girl!) is visible.
    Dang – that is second time it got me………..can't fix stupid!

  • HamptonsWorld80

    very…that's how fast I was scrolling

  • vvvv


  • @markokaup

    omg!! buuuurn!!

  • Jon

    Why would a loss of twister imply nudity? maybe it means she is FULLY CLOTHED!
    nicely done…

  • Roger

    Luister! Ek is van Suid Afrika and ek gaan vir julle MOER! (Work it out!)

  • Jacques

    No such word as "chivery". Dancing with someone whether they are male or female is not so-called sexual harassment, if you believe it is, than you're dumber then you look. No such thing as"sexual assault" assault is with your fists,feet, guns, shurikens, chinese stars etc., not through sexual intercourse. No such word as chivette either, why does everyone like making up fake words so much?

    • Smoothboss

      You’re an idiot. You make no sense and everything you typed is wrong. You owe me 30 seconds of my life back Jackass.

  • EireMC

    Jacques = Todd Akin

  • sam


  • Ron B

    well, that didn't escalate quickly…

  • Jerry

    that was dumb

  • Veer

    Keep Calm and Chive on

  • Albert

    i dunno 45 maybe 55 scrolls per second.

  • Dave

    Im so mad at you guys right. More importantly my penis is very upset

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