Hot Right Now: A true talent even Mozart would appreciate (Video)

Star Wars memorabilia is epic (20 Photos)

And one more April Fool’s joke for good measure…but because I’m a swell guy CLICK HERE for the real Star Wars Post. Oh c’mon, trust me.

  • mook

    Star Wars huh…

    Anyone check that is it Star Trek and not Star Wars?

    God damn idiots everywhere.

  • mook

    Ohh I get it, April fools day. Witty guys, witty. You all get a gold star.

    • norm

      Where was the witty part?

  • Shade

    so u fooled us again…now what?

  • ERock0811

    Yup I was disappointed, and how did a picture of Michelle Obama #20 get in here

  • NTFW

    thanks chive, at least its not a wall of UGLY / FAT / DUDE photos…
    i was really questioning you at one point.

    please keep it funny and sexy
    thank you 🙂

  • Equalizer


  • krisb

    I thought this one was kind of funny.

  • Ken

    Original Trek and Next Generation is my one big Nerd failing. #s 3, 6, 7, 8, 10- LOL to all of those!Where is the one with Jordy, “Can’t see shit, Captain.” ?

  • top dog

    April fool, maple fool….#8 is funny as hell, Ohhh I laugh so hard I cracked my side.

  • powersticks

    For once I’m glad that you didn’t post pics of what you said they are.

  • confused

    goddamn you’s
    although still a good post

  • jeff in Australia

    The comments spoiled it for me..
    I hadn’t noticed till I read them…..
    Damn you commentators.. !

  • HellHathNoFury

    Data is a hottie.

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  • Kirbster

    LOL’d @ Capt. Cosby

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