Chicks in thongs rock (10 Photos)

Happy April Fool’s Day, Chivers!

  • Francis

    you got me good, fuckers

    • Williams

      They got me twice!
      those motherfuckers…

  • myragehush

    Pervert. Hahaha.

    • KentonGotPwnd

      106 weeks later, and I STILL GOT PWND. CHIVE, the first one better actually be girls… I wasn't a chiver 106 weeks ago, you guys used to be arseholes. But you're awesome now.

  • MyTGD

    That shit is just mean, Thongs getting eaten by a four hundred pound ass does not rock!

  • scrmblfx


  • Mustafa

    That wasn’t cool man 😥

    • Mustafa_Beer

      My morning has been bastardized… F April 1st !!!

  • pdexstar

    This post is the reason why i stay away from the internet april 1st. thanks guys

  • myragehush

    Thank Darwin for April Fool’s Day.

  • ingky

    Best online prank I’ve seen all day. GG

  • Gareth

    bastards 🙂

  • Rob

    Voted most evil April fools prank ever.

  • luca

    looool we got pwned.

  • Garmon

    I hoped to see girls wearing thong sandals

  • rso

    chive – i salute yr bravery

  • confused

    damn i should have known it was to good to be true on this day

  • HellRazer86

    John, I’m going to find you and break you!

  • Weezy

    Wow, shoulda seen that coming. Good one!

  • shawn

    hahahaha, how could we not see this coming, damn you Chive

  • Alan

    Go to hell Chive

  • stafferty

    This is out right evil in all possible ways. Damn you very much sir.

  • clungebeast

    Why chive why? i’m gonna have to watch a whole load of porn to get these pictures out of my head. The good type of porn too, girl on girl stuff!.

  • top dog

    That was not funny!! Now I have to bleach my brain to get rid of those images.

  • top dog

    Ohhhhhhhhh now I get it!!! it’s 1 Apr. I use to keep up with this stuff..good one, good one in deed.

  • Ben Pwned

    Nicely done chive, damnit…

  • donnyrkj

    That hurt…sooo soo bad!!!

  • NTFW

    …. omgeee, wost morning ever.

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