Chicks in thongs rock (10 Photos)

Happy April Fool’s Day, Chivers!

  • Shogun

    #10 puked a little in my mouth, then made out with grandma

  • krotak

    well played sir, wel played

  • TheBowden

    Thats fucked up!

  • Anonymous

    Why did you do that? Totally not funny

  • James Dobry

    Worst prank ever Chive.

    (Well done)

  • Eddie


  • drdinohardon

    Well Played Chive.. Well Played..

  • ChrisD

    Ohh yea!!! …. Wait…. WHAT???? OHHHHHHH NOOOOOO

  • gtommy

    damn you chive. lost my appetite.


    DAMN YOU CHIVE!!!!! DAME YOU!!!!!!

  • TheCorruptor998

    good lord, my shorts got all aroused and shit

  • matthew

    oh sweet jebus

  • Max

    How does this come up on "You Might Also Like" 10 months later… FML

  • Brad

    assholes! but still funny

  • blarg
  • rich

    I dont know why I continued scrolling down after the 2nd one. Well i made it to the comment section pretty damn quick!!!

  • RUDY


  • deric

    fuck you

  • suckered

    u geys are dicks.

    P.S. ….good one..

  • Ty Briggs

    The look on #2's face tells me that those were a pair of regular underwear before she bent down..

  • Respektrbs

    Nasty so nasty

  • captainfaptastico

    Embrace your hatred, feel the dark side within you.

  • taylordacty1

    I was expecting some ladies but oooo Bonus!

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