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I met Henry Rollins at the Aroma Cafe in LA a few months ago. I loved Black Flag and I’d read a transcript of the commencement speech at Sonoma State University and I told him that I really loved one of his lines, “A member of Ku Klux Klan doesn’t need a frying pan upside the head. He needs an Al Green record and some good books.” He was a bit short with me (which I understand) but he wasn’t an asshole at all. Anyway, love him or hate him, this sign is pretty good.

  • steven

    loved Black Flag

  • \too

    me him once. he was cool as hell

  • dommant

    i hate black flag. but this is cool i guess

  • stonewaller

    that is fucking cool

  • phish

    that was pretty freaking cool

  • dolittle

    something to be learned here

  • stoic

    his music really does suck but whatever

  • Darwin

    fucking win

  • HellHathNoFury

    About time someone told rock stars that not everyone is their damn slave. The way certain ones at EndFest and Sasquatch treated stage hands and backstage security made it quite clear that someone needed to give them a good whack. Others were so polite it was a good shock.

  • ake


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