10 More brilliant gifs to jumpstart the weekend

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    I don’t know whether to give #10 props or kick his ass. It might be fake or it was the snake’s feeding time. And wtf is #9 doing?

    • Ranger Danger

      Definitely give him props if it’s feeding time. I laughed my ass off at the girls’ reactions.

  • jeff in Australia

    #7.. At some time that dog has been dressed in a “funny” costume that made the fall guy laugh..
    Karma is cool, dog karma is even cooler..

  • slutifer

    10 is sick

  • Dickie

    What's #5 from? That's really bugging me.

    • The Missing Swan

      Hot Fuzz

  • SreyaNotfilc

    ChatRoulette is the grestest

  • jeebus

    10 would be great if it weren’t for the whole “creeper with a pet snake asks to see 15 year old kids boobs” thing.

    ok it’s still great. just creepy.

  • Thisisme

    didn’t enjoy #10. ‘Give me child porn or i kill this cute animal’ thing was a little off.

  • joelinsanclemente

    #10, You sir, win at an unprecedented level. Also, thisisme is probably correct, too so you are also a creep.

  • Ken

    The light saber fight was really well done.

    I don’t get off on people using footage of predators feeding to shock people. It makes the animals look cruel or evil when the dad-gum thing is just eating.

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  • Bob

    Hot Fuzz. Great movie BTW

  • effemel

    #9 gotta love the Back to the Future easter eggs like the little kid there

  • Randomguy

    I just learned that:
    (1) Boobs have the power to save lives.
    (2) Donald Duck is extremely horny.
    (3) That kid from back to the future wants some coochie bad.

  • ozzie

    #10 is indeed epic and boobs are good for your health…

  • Total_Recall

    5 is from Hot Fuzz! 2 seconds of comic genius!

  • Nateb123

    I’m really amazed how many people on here don’t seem to think facilitating murder of a young animal for no reason other than to get a glimpse at boobs (young girls’ boobs or not) is fucking sick. If it’s the snakes feeding time you get flash frozen mice (no suffering involved, they just take an indefinite nap) like people that aren’t fucked in the head. This by comparison is just being twisted. I imagine if the guy said he’d blow the bird away with a revolver you’d all have more of a problem with it yet nothing would really have changed except the snake would get its normal meal.

    And yet you all call him a creep for a technicality of his request when in fact you’re all fucking jaded and creeps for enjoying this. You all fail at life.

    • Anonymous

      get over yourself. it’s called life. snakes eat other animals.

      • Nateb123

        Wow. You’ve clearly set me straight since I’m such a PETA-loving hippy. Please. My point is that someone has a pet that is clearly nothing but a way for the owner to watch, facilitate and enjoy death. Even though death happens all the time, actively seeking it, hell, paying for the entertainment of it is different than acceptance of a natural fact. Cats eat a similar diet in the wild but how many cat owners do you see facilitating a mouse or bird getting ripped apart by a feline?

        • doodle02

          seeking and paying for death is kinda what humans are all about. lets go ahead and, just for a second, look through the history of the entire fucking human race. lets look at movies. lets look at tv, and news. why do you think a news stations all lead with plane crashes whenever they happen?

          and now that we’re done contemplating that, lets get over our pretention. yes, 10 is offensive. yes, it is gross. some people will find it hilarious, and some won’t. the fact that the guy didn’t buy his snake a flash frozen rat really isn’t something you get to yell at him for. if anything, yell at him for trying to get little girl boob, which is definitely a perv move, but oh well. point is chill out and accept something that’s controversially funny, and stop being a prick.

          • Nateb123


            Wait, so your argument is that because someone may find it funny, it’s all good? Or is it that because people have in the past displayed enjoyment of death, they should be encouraged to continue doing so? I’m really not sure which but I /am/ sure you weren’t a star member of the debate team.

          • Wha?

            Um, may I ask how you can compare watching a movie is the same as watching an animal die? Yes, snakes hunt like that in the wild, and I would rather have a snake kill a live animal (but not watch it) than have a human go out and kill an animal for no reason. But the violence you see in movies is fake. FAKE. That’s the key word there. I love Special FX makeup and such and love a cool death scene, but I would NEVER watch someone die in real life. To think that it’s the same thing is stupid.

    • Mike K

      Couldn’t agree more. Making an animal suffer to see naked girls is sick on many levels. It probably ruined the night for the girls too. I only hope they don’t feel guilty and that they realize that he would have eventually fed it to the snake anyway. I’m just glad they didn’t give in and show for him.

      While it’s true that animals eat other animals in the wild, FINDING IT ENTERTAINING is why this video is so wrong.

      • HellHathNoFury

        There are very few things that can make me physically ill that don’t involve vodka, and that was one of them.

    • HellHathNoFury

      So….marry me.

      • MichaelGS

        … will you M- sorry HHNF do me the honour…

    • Jansz

      hahahah do you also watch 7th heaven and fap over how sexy it is being so politically correct?

  • phnixpot

    #8 and#10 are incredibly gay.

  • Chris

    7 is brilliant 😀 That’s one smart doggie! Notice how he went straight for the food?

  • Chalisss

    Hot Fuzz FTW

  • al

    # 10 is sick, that kind of animals souldn’t be pets

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