Attention World: sheCHIVE is now theBERRY!

theberry Attention World: sheCHIVE is now theBERRY!
We’re proud to announce our sister site, sheCHIVE.com, run by our sister Emily, has emerged from it’s cocoon and is ready to spread it’s wings. The growth of sheCHIVE has been insane and it doesn’t need the help of big brother theCHIVE any longer so we are officially rebranding sheCHIVE to theBERRY.com! Don’t worry, aside from the name and logo, it’s the EXACT same site as before and will continue to be run by sisters, Emily and Megan. Yes, it’s a chick site, but there is plenty of mind blowing CHIVE-like content for everyone. So show some respect and support by heading over to theBERRY.com and kicking the tires. All constructive feedback is welcome and can be sent to theberryrules[at]gmail[dot]com.

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