Awesome blast from our past (19 Photos)

  • Brandon

    Love this type of post. Keep them coming!

  • top dog

    When I was a kid we use to make all of our toys from broken toys. We use to make a skate board or a scooter out of old skates, sling shots out of old tire tubes. Awww, those were the days!!! Now all this stuff is selling on the open market for big bucks.

  • Equalizer

    This want me to say: I don’t know any of those things because your all bunch of OLD DOGs already…

    • kurt123456789

      Aww, “this me want to say”: Before you know it, young one, one fine day you’ll be farting around teh internet and be informed your an OLD DOG. So, just be patient.

    • HellHathNoFury

      some of us were even around before the internet and cell phones! *gasp* I know, it’s alot to take in, but there was a time.

  • glogo

    cool. was away from usa for about 20 years. logical they would take away anything that’s fun AND dangerous, but didn’t know about that until just now… lawndarts, oh boy. especially love the star wars geek with the carbuerator air filter “sun-glasses”. so cool. yes, the hand thing was kind of cool, but boring after 2 minutes. what about the little tick-tock balls, the ones hanging from a string on a little frame on your desk and other useless nonsense…

  • pgoody

    Ah yes….those good ole Mr. Sketch markers….my parents didn't even have ask how my day was when I walked through the front door with the my glassy eyes and many colorful dots under my nose…….

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