Daily Afternoon Randomness (32 Photos)

  • gonzomania

    HAHAHA 3 invisible dicks…it’s so tru cuz she’s so stupid and slutty and makes retarded babies..HAHAHA

    • HellHathNoFury

      Yes, because you know her personal sex life and all of her escapades. Fucking moron.

      • chill yeh?

        dont worry gonzomania i found your comment funny

      • ladyguitarstar

        hah! nice

    • Crystal

      Do worry. I didn’t.

    • youareadick

      You may not like her personally or her political views, but going after her son like that is classless and shows what kind of an individual you are. You may be trying to get some attention or acting out, but you need therapy if that is how you truly feel.

      • jeff in Australia

        I agree with you 100%, the kid is a pure innocent.
        He will have to struggle his whole life, trying to be as good as he can be…
        Leave him alone, besides his other problems, he has the added mental burden of his mother being…..

      • huh?

        you're an idiot

  • scarfinator

    #28 Rookie mistake; s-foils should not be in attack position for landing.

  • scarfinator

    Or even #5.

  • HellHathNoFury

    23- you put an ‘Ran’ where a ‘sod’ should be. 22.are those raccoons of some kind? I want one! Whoever made the statue in 9 has obviouisly never seen boobs. Those are very oddly shaped. 4 and 5 are amazing, 1 is just stupid, and 28 and 29 are sending me to therapy.

    • vicdamone505

      hellhath is a fucking worthless cunt

      • HellHathNoFury

        Holy crap, you’re awesome. High-five, d00d. Fist bump. Chest bump. Only a real man can make fun of girls in public like that. Rock on.

        • LOL

          HHNF, I’m guessing that at some point Vic has felt the fury of a woman…and not because he scorned her…but because he’s an idiot that deserves to have his testicles stretched up to his forehead…so they can be stapled there. That’s just my friendly imagination talking though.

          Sorry he’s a douche bag that won’t ever actually be used as a douche. If a woman uses it, it gets flushed. I have the feeling that Vic won’t go away…he’ll just circle the bowl.

          • HellHathNoFury

            I love you, LOL. We really didn’t need to insult him so much: some people write their own jokes. He already made himself sound like a drunken frat boy telling off a hot girl who rejected him. You know what I mean.

      • P-90

        ‘Fucking worthless cunt’, is that what you’re dad said about you’re mother’s vajayjay when he saw you for the first time?

    • jeff in Australia

      Australian marsupial… you can get one from Inter-fauna…!
      See you have upset #23’s boyfriend, you reminded him he can’t get in there..
      Penile dysfunction is a terrible curse..
      Misshapen or not… a breast is a breast… Not fair…. females have 2 and us, mere males, have none.. and I think we like them more…! Most men, if they could be women, would spend their lives, either laying down, or in the shower ” washing ” Man comes out of it, and spends the rest of his life trying to get back in..

      • HellHathNoFury

        I have possums as well, but ours look like a pot-bellied pig and a rat had illegitimate children, whereas yours look like raccoons and lemurs.
        Bewbs? Have at em. Mine are just annoying. I’ll chop em off and send em on your way.

        • jeff in Australia

          It would seem far more equatable, for you to keep one, post the other… one each..!
          If it is OK., can I have the left…? Not so muscular, softer… I could use it as a pacifier when I have trouble sleeping.. Please post, via airmail to….

  • Doron

    #23 I’ll randomize you as much as you like.

  • HellHathNoFury

    27 is the best treefort ever! Noh boiyz ulowd

  • fluffyhairded

    whats the deal with #12? that theyre both so skinny its silly looking or what?

  • Daniel

    3 invisible dicks is one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen on the chive

  • Paul winston

    3 invisible dicks and 1 visible cunt

    • Fark

      @ Paul, only thing funnier than that photo is ur comment. i tip my hat

  • ToddzillaColorado

    #13: Since when does it take 60 cars to transport 60 people? Same people who came up with that are probably the same ones who think Sarah Palin is a moron. And oh yeah, calling someone a cunt because you disagree with their politics? That’s a fucking laugh riot! (if you’re a RETARD. Yep, I said RETARD.)

    • aaron

      im sure you have said derogatory things about someone with far less evidence of their overall worthlessness. She wanted to be vice president. she ended up resigning from her office as governer and she makes more contradictory remarks than anyone in the public eye recently. While I dont like the term -unt I will say she is a dumb broad.

      • jeff in Australia

        Calm, concise, well thought out…
        What a very pleasant, and welcome, change in the political bum fight that these comments sometimes/usually generate. Throwing idiotic insults at each other shows nothing except a complete lack of thought and vocabulary. If you have the overwhelming urge to try and insult, at least take the time to be humorous or witty, peoples opinion of you will improve and it is easier to take your opinion more seriously..
        Thank you for yours.

        • aaron

          Thank you. Jeff. I have a question for you since you are in Australia and most other countries for some reason pay attention the the ridiculousness that has become our overall political system. How hard did Aussies laugh when they heard that Sarah Palin could be next inline to our presidency and the President of our Senate. Because at first I listened to her, second I laughed (mainly when she couldn’t answer simple questions about our Constitution, then I was worried for obvious reasons.

          • jeff in Australia

            Gosh… you send the cans of worms and I’ll open em… Like it or not, and we don’t, America plays a huge part in our lives. Your multi-nationals come over here, buy out our companies, big and small and then change them, or even close them down and move to even cheaper manufacturing countries in Asia.. We dislike it…. a lot… but… They have huge amounts of money. Your fast food companies, as an example, come over here, spend ridiculous amounts on advertising, The small family owned food places just cannot compete, they close. I can give lots more examples on why you influence us, but.. Australia follows America slavishly, you go to “war” or a “police action”, or an invasion, our politicians believe we have to as well. Most if not all of our defensive forces weaponry comes from the US. ( at a huge cost.) “If you don’t come with us ! “) The words are never spoken, but everyone knows..
            The Crawford village idiot was bad enough, we thought it couldn’t be worse, but having seen interviews with Ms.”of course I know about foreign affairs, I can see Russia from my porch”, we held our heads in trepidation and fear… What was she thinking about when she wasn’t reading ALL the newspapers, invading Australia, she had as much reason to as “TCVI” had for invading Iraq, none….. Our population is 22 million, about 200 million less than yours, every time we lose a soldier, We blame you, not that many thankfully but…. We still have thousands of our troops, as you do, suffering after that other US.”needed” police action, Vietnam.. it hit’s us a lot harder, we care a bit more. We blame you, as do the other countries in the same position as ourselves.. We hear all the speeches, well grabs of them, listening to Obama and then comparing his speech to bush, we felt a little better about palin becoming The Pres.. she sounded like a bush that had been kicked in the testicles..
            And we could not conceive of Americans wanting yet another bush by another name..
            I / we don’t think about skin color here as much as you seem to do. We judge people by the way they act, the things they do.. If you are an idiot, we treat you like one. If you are new to the job, we will give you a chance to prove yourself. I personally think a lot of you lot should do the same..!
            DISCLAIMER… Any vitriol raised by this opinion should be directed to, aaron, it’s all his fault.!

  • JO

    #23, Holy crap- Hot! Hope she sends in more pics!

  • JO

    Well said Toddzilla. The best part is their underlying notion that they are smarter than us. Good bye, common sense!

  • boogermister

    how stickey is that statue #9

    • jeff in Australia

      I noticed that the top of her breasts are finger polished…
      Guess metal boobs are better than no boobs..

  • R-Train

    #13….Approximately 120 cars to transport 60 people? I would agree, that is not very efficient.

  • toilet paper

    cunty cunty cunty cunt. It’s a beautiful word. Just like chlamydia. The beautiful chlamydias are in full bloom this season.

  • P-90

    #10 Awwwwwww so many levels of cuteness.
    #23 It’s so difficult to just compliment a girl on her attractivness without sounding like a creepy interet stalker.

    • P-90

      Yes I mean’t ‘attractiveness’ and ‘internet’ you all shutty!

  • Mr.Doom

    I hate tech people actors and performers of any type put so much more work into a show than they ever do yea so your working for a long time for one day whereas the performers put months of long hard days into a single show. god damn I hate techies

    • huh?


      • Haven

        actually for every hour that actors "prep" for shows, techies are putting in 2-3 hours of work from set design to building to painting. Not to mention costumers, make-up people, oh, and those people that run around the night of the show making sure props are where they should be and making sure your idiotic ass is where it's supposed to be. I've done both acting and tech work, actors don't have anything on techies.

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  • buffet0

    #4 is thought provoking. 7 is clever. 12 gives me the creeps. 19 is profound. 23 – e-mail me

    • gilmore

      #4 not likely since a spot on a tree does not move up as the tree grows. If the bike were chained to the bottom of the tree when the boy went to war the tree might grow around it, but it would not push it up in the air.

  • dingbat

    #29 is the guy fom Ghost…Get off my train

    #20 Henry Rollins = cool as fuck

  • top dog

    Three dicks IS funny. Like I always said, sometimes when you hit people they hit back, and this “lady” has hit alot of people. “If you are living in a glass house, don’t throw no stones”

    • top dog

      Or “if you can’t cook, stay the hell out of the kitchen”

  • Equalizer

    #23 is HOT

  • Chris

    28 Would probably be fired/suspended…. but good effort!

  • Rain

    #24… Only in South Africa

  • AtomManhattan

    #20 Dear Henry Rollins- No one cares what you think. Go back to being obscure.

    I'm sorry, I meant obsolete.

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