Here’s some sexy motivational posters to kick off the weekend (11 photos)

  • HHNFFan


    • davo

      the pics were good, but all the captions were horribly lame 😦 yes I read the captions

  • chiver


    • mhuard5

      Why won't they do the internet a favor and play South Carolina?

  • Emperor-Elect

    Keep them comin

  • Mustafa_Beer

    Thanx Leo, now it IS Good Friday!

  • Beamer

    Bravo! Encore, Encore!

  • muah

    number 3 is scary….

  • First Every Time, No Matter What


  • Matt

    I love waterparks too!

    • forge

      Definitely my favorite in this bunch. Wow to the wow, those are great looking bottoms.

  • LOL

    They’re just trying to make up for all the crap they pulled yesterday is all. And you know what? It’s working!!! 😀

  • Anonymous

    why was the Beavers picture squiggled?

  • Anonymous

    Who is the model in #3?

  • forge

    Guys? Great set of photos, thanks.

  • Ashley

    Actually, my home town university, Bemidji State University, is the home of the beavers…Goooo Beavers!!

  • top dog

    Look at the tits on #3?? The rest of her body may look like crap, I really can’t tell because I can’t see it but…….WHO CARES!!!!!!!!!, HUNGRY!!

    • top dog

      I almost forgot that camel toe on #2, DAMN GIRL, You’re killing me…..ILOVE IT!!!

      • Andrés

        Yeah, it looks like she knows damn well that she is rocking that camel-toe look and is proud of it! I like her half mesh top too.

  • Love_slutty_girlz

    I love you number 4!

  • no wayman91

    #10 Look at them abs!!!

    • Junior

      That is my favorite pic. She's so hot. Love the abs.

      • Guest

        The abs are fake. They are painted to look like an eight-pack.

  • Harlan

    Could you please start a gallery of girls smuggling raisins?

  • Jonathan

    Who is number 4????????

  • Jacki

    OSU….Great place

  • Chivette Lover

    Wow. Just saw this! #3 and #6 are just…well…YES!

  • Chivette Lover

    Could we see more of these sexy motivational posters, because I feel motivated!

  • Cowboy1354

    #8- True story Bro

    • Ched

      Got married 3 months ago, in that time, its now down to once every three weeks, no BJ's , no sexy underwear, and worn t-shirts for sleep wear. She has gone from a sex fiend to a sack of potatoes.


      Why ruin a good sex life.

      • Otter

        Nothings worse than being friendzoned by your wife.

  • Dreamer

    #8 is so true but #10 was what fooled me into it.

  • sammy

    Please find #10

  • guest


    too true 😦

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