Alyssa Monks paintings. Yes, paintings (14 Photos)

Paintings by Alyssa Monks are more like pictures of film. More of her art can be found HERE.

  • NotCleverEnoughForARealUsername

    WOW, that is nutz. 😀

  • pete Snot

    i’m not jealous…i’m not jealous…..

    • modianos

      im not either, im not either….omg yes i am! lol thats insane!

  • bbbbbeaver

    fuck. i can’t even take photos that well

  • HellHathNoFury

    Why the eff are those chillens watching porn? Between that and 10, someone has issues.

    • John

      Easy there Judge-y, calm yourself…it is a painting and not real. Plus, if we could see what was in your head, we would think you had issues too.

      • HellHathNoFury

        Wrong. You would ‘know’ I have issues.

    • Nijikon

      I wouldn't call it "porn" exactly. That's the sex scene from "Waking the Dead" with Jennifer Connelly.

  • myragehush

    Shit. These paintings are beautiful.

  • Equalizer

    very realistic

  • winston002

    at first i was like “these are kinda risky to be painted by monks”

    then i realized that monks is a person not a people.

    • Brandon


  • P-90

    Wow, give her a job at Marvel.

  • Irwin109

    I wish I had talent!

  • ASShole

    Uh, no, those are photographs. no paint stokes equals photo.

    • C.M.M.

      Absence of brushstrokes simply indicates a linear style of painting.
      The brushstrokes in her paintings are clear. Numerous painting details are available on her website.

      An art student who can fully appreciate these paintings

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  • tic

    Very old and boring style of art to try and mimic photo-realism. Also, there are plenty of techniques to "trace" a photo now that I would hope no artist would produce something so uninspiring

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